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The Gettysburg Address and Today’s Civil War

When I think about this beloved nation of ours, I can’t help but wonder just what’s in store. The words of Abraham Lincoln keep playing over and over in my mind (I changed the first four words to reflect today’s year. Lincoln’s words are in quotation marks).

Twelve score and four years ago ”our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

”Now we are (again engaging – my emphasis) in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war…”

Civil War may seem a little strong, but what should it be called? No, I’m not referring to the first civil war but the one that’s happening in our nation today. It doesn’t take much astuteness to see and feel the division and hatred.

During the four years of the War between the States more than half a million soldiers died. Both sides of the struggle, fighting for their ideologies and passions, lost more lives than in all the other wars this nation has been in throughout its two hundred forty-four year history combined.

Was it worth it then? It depends on who you ask as to what answer you’ll receive. I personally think so, but then again, I wasn’t around when it happened. To me, it was because all lives mattered and many were being treated as some sort of subhuman.

But is the war that’s being fought today the same as it was those many years ago? Are we fighting over things like slavery and the color of a person’s skin?

Or could it be something else?

Frankly, I believe it’s something else.

People are becoming more and more self-centered, more addicted to their own wants and desires. They don’t want to answer to any person or any God. They want to be in control.

Actually, it’s always been that way, but as time goes by the demand keeps growing. Laws are being passed by people who have the same desire for control. And with each new law, each new ”freedom” from antiquated and stuffy rules and values, there becomes an even greater desire for more and more ”freedoms”.

Now we’ve reached the point where almost anything is allowed, almost everything is legal, yet for many, it’s not enough.

So when will it stop? When will this war cease and life return to ”normal”?

This civil war is not like the first. This war will not end when one side surrenders. It won’t be over if a different person is in the White House. The division will become wider and wider. We have to understand there’s no winning this war unless everyone wins. Unless what’s good for one is, truly, good for all.

And the only way that can happen is for people to recognize there is a God in Heaven Who has the wisdom and ability to turn things around.

”Happy are the people who’s God is the Lord.” Psalm 144.

But as long as people keep fighting the ”God thing”, they will never quit fighting one another or each other’s ideologies.

I hate to make it sound so simple, but the only hope for America is God. Not my understanding of God, not your understanding of God.

But the Bible’s revelation of Who He is as demonstrated in the life of His Son Jesus Christ.

It’s time for each of us to humble ourselves before God and each other.

That is if we really want to see this nation healed.

An Unholy Agenda

There are several trains of thought running throughout the social media world these days. Each camp is accusing others of having, what I’ll refer to as, an unholy agenda. What I mean by that is an agenda or some sort of diabolical plot to force the masses into a certain way of thinking. A particular way of believing and acting.

There are the folks on the right who are convinced that everything happening is designed to affect the upcoming election so the liberals win. Of course, the folks on the left are touting the same thing. Still others are buying any and all conspiracy theories about the major unseen players who are pulling the strings that control every nation on the planet. I’ve noticed something. The wilder, the more unbelievable the theory, the quicker people are to grab hold of it and blab it to the four winds.

And again, there are some people  mixing ideologies from the right and the left, creating a myriad of ”hybrid” groups; each with their own particular agenda.

I’d like to address the unholy agenda issue by saying each group is correct. The others do have an unholy agenda, and they are extremely focused and disciplined in seeing their agenda come to fruition. 

But guess what? 

There are really only two camps, two groups, two agendas. Only two. 

All those I’ve mentioned belong to one group. Their goal is to have their own way. To make a world that’s governed according to their personal beliefs. After all, their beliefs are the correct beliefs. Just ask them. 

Whether  they are right, left, or middle; all are right in their own eyes. 

And they each have an agenda.

Remember the conspiracy group? The one’s who believe there are string-pullers behind the scenes? Well,  they’re probably more accurate than the other groups. 

Because there is someone with THE unholy agenda who only wants to steal, kill, and destroy. He’s after control, and ultimately to be worshipped as god. He’s been working his plan since before the garden of Eden and is very much focused on seeing it come to pass.

And he’s using all these agendas as a diversion; to keep those who belong to the Most High God, Who alone has mankind’s best interest in mind, out of the way of righteous and holy warfare.

Many of God’s people seem to have chosen a political side and damn the others. Or maybe another, more accurate way to say it is ”to hell with the others who aren’t in my camp.”

It’s so very sad, but I believe it’s the truth.

People of God, it’s past time to shake ourselves free from every unholy agenda; every unholy alliance. God has called us to choose His ways and thoughts. He’s told us to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God. He’s demonstrated how He expects us to love the world.

To focus on His holy agenda will require us to lay down our rights and the opinions that keep us from engaging in His business of worldwide evangelism and discipleship. 

We cannot free the one’s trapped in darkness if we don’t walk in the light. And we can’t walk in the light if we won’t walk in love. 

There’s coming a day when all we’re experiencing will be history. Eternity will have arrived. There will only be two camps remaining.

The righteous and the damned. 

I’ve heard it said that this coming election is the most important one in the history of our nation. Maybe so. 

But there’s something far more important than an election. It’s the condition of our world’s souls.

Can’t we set aside our fussing and fighting about our ”rights” and instead pick up God’s Holy Agenda?

”To this end we always pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling and may fulfill every resolve for good and every work of faith by his power, so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, and you in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.” (2 Thessalonians 1:11 – 1:12 ESV)

Maybe We Should Let Some Things Die


How long can we keep gripping the slightest sliver of hope? Should we?

Is holding on for dear life always the best course of action?

If our dreams and plans, yes, even our lives, are deemed as utter failure, or they’re cut short before becoming that which we intended, is that so bad?

Even if we’re convinced we’re doing everything for a righteous cause, that God’s honor is at stake, isn’t there a time to stop our powerless efforts and yield to Him?

For honest reflection, we must remember there is no resurrection without first a death, and victory never comes before the battle.

In many cases, the best thing we can do is exchange what we’ve called hope for simple trust.

What do I mean?

Hope is a powerful thing, yet at times it’s nothing more than wishful thinking. As long as there’s at least a small percentage of things working out, we’re hopeful and perky. 

But if and when things take a turn for the worse, we work ourselves into a frenzy trying to maintain our hope.

So instead, why not just give up and trust?

Maybe pretend our situation is akin to the story of Eutychus and Paul (Acts 20).

“On the first day of the week, when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul talked with them, intending to depart on the next day, and he prolonged his speech until midnight. There were many lamps in the upper room where we were gathered. And a young man named Eutychus, sitting at the window, sank into a deep sleep as Paul talked still longer. And being overcome by sleep, he fell down from the third story and was taken up dead. But Paul went down and bent over him, and taking him in his arms, said, “Do not be alarmed, for his life is in him.” And when Paul had gone up and had broken bread and eaten, he conversed with them a long while, until daybreak, and so departed. And they took the youth away alive, and were not a little comforted.” (Acts 20:7-12 ESV) 

Our dreams, like Eutychus, can become so tired. All work, no joy, no life, and eventually they droop and sag until we’re worn out trying to keep them propped up.

But when we finally release our grip, and the results to the God of the resurrection, life becomes enjoyable once again.

At that point the plans and purposes, the calling of God, are within our grasp.

It’s the same with trusting God for our nation.

God has had a purpose, a calling, on this nation from its inception. But to make America great again will take more than a man, woman, or political party.

So maybe things need to die first, to make room for the resurrection.

Yes, we’re to do what we can. Faith AND works (and all that).

But you know what? Many times we never begin to REALLY trust until we’ve exhausted all our resources.

So, like I said, maybe things need to die, expire, or become even worse before we finally trust the God Who moves mountains and raises the dead.

Maybe THAT is what’s needed to make America great again…


Jesus Isn’t A Republican

With only a week and a few days before the Iowa caucuses, I felt I needed to share this revelation with my friends, acquaintances, and maybe some not-so friends. 

Christian: you are under no obligation to vote for a Republican. Neither does it mean you are a heathen if you vote for a Democrat. 

There’s nothing holy about the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party isn’t the political party of the antichrist. 

I can almost hear what some of you are thinking. But I’ll ignore it for now. 

At the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry, there was a pro Israel group known as Zealots. One of the original twelve apostles was a Zealot; Simon the Zealot (or Jewish Nationalist). 

The Zealots were kind of like some people of our day; people who rile up the populace and take back the country by force if nothing else works. They had stockpiled their arms, recruited and disciplined their troops, and were in the process of taking back their country for God.

Remember Barabbas? He was the one Pilate freed in place of Jesus. He was known as an insurrectionist, a robber, and a murderer. And he was also a Zealot. 

He was in prison because of his crimes against the Roman government. Following the Zealot creed, he was doing everything within his power to rid the land of Roman rule AND all Roman forces. 

We all know Jesus is as Jewish as it gets. So why didn’t He join forces with the Zealots, making it that much easier to preach His message?

Because of something He said. 

Jesus answered (Pilate), “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.” (John 18:36 ESV)

The Zealots and Jesus belonged to opposing kingdoms. You wonder how that could possibly be true, when Israel is the apple of God’s eye? 

The Lord does not want us violating the principles of His Kingdom in the name of an earthly kingdom, nation, or political party. 

Though the Zealots wanted to “Make Israel great again”, they were going about it all wrong. 
All wrong. 

Jesus reminded Peter of that very thing. “Put your sword into its sheath; shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me?” (John 18:11 ESV)

The kingdom of God will not infiltrate and overcome the kingdom of man using man’s wisdom, methods, or arms. Paul said flesh and blood won’t inherit the kingdom of God, and he meant it. And, flesh and blood will NOT make a nation righteous.

Remember Jesus telling the crowd, “A kingdom divided against itself will not stand”? Attempting to mix the “kingdom of America” and the “kingdom of God” is sort of the same thing. 

Even though, in my opinion, America would be much better off if God’s Word was followed explicitly. But it won’t be, can’t be, as long as people who are focused on anything but God are in charge. 

Neither Republicans or Democrats are in agreement with the kingdom of God EXCLUSIVELY. Or should I say ENTIRELY. 

So how do we perform our duty as citizens of this nation, AND, if it’s in our heart to do so, honor the ways and priorities of God’s kingdom?

Once again, we must look at Jesus’ words. Specifically, His prayer. 

“Pray after this manner…”Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

HIS kingdom HERE, NOT THIS kingdom THERE. A huge difference!

Paul told us to pray for kings and rulers. Why? So things would go well for our nation. But whether they go well or not, we CANNOT change our nation by ignoring God’s principles.


When it’s time to caucus, or vote, do it as a representative of God’s kingdom. No matter which party you’re registered with. 

Look at each candidate individually. What do they believe, how do they live, what is their track record, etc.? Do their beliefs and actions in any way coincide with the principles of God’s Kingdom? 

If so, that may be the person who should receive your vote.

But you and I must remember, Jesus isn’t a Republican or Democrat. His aim isn’t to make this nation, or any other nation, including Israel, the greatest nation on earth.

What He IS trying to do is make a way for every man, woman, and child to hear and believe the gospel. 

Political rhetoric along with human reasonings MAY help a nation change some things for the better. But at BEST, the change is only temporary. Man’s selfish nature will see to that. 

But the Kingdom of God is eternal. And that, my friends, should be our focus. 

Be a good citizen. Vote. Get involved where you can. 

But seek FIRST the Kingdom of God. 

And don’t look at your brothers and sisters in Christ, who vote DIFFERENTLY than you, like they’re some sort of two-headed monster.  

After all, they may have heard God tell them to vote for “you know who“!

Is There A Prophet Among Us?

Where are the oracles of God, the prophets whose words strike fear into the hearts of the Ahabs of our nation, and contempt and disdain in those who are the Jezebels of our day?

Where are the ones who love their nation passionately, but love their God even more? 

Is there an Elijah or Elisha, who not only has the ear of God but can speak to the heart of a nation?

Where are Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel or any one of the “minor” prophets of old? 

Where is the prophet Daniel, who can discern the times and seasons, as well as the handwriting on the wall?

America does not need a “we can do it; we can be great again” kind of message, any more than a burning house needs another charcoal grill. 

America, where are your prophets? 

Is there a prophet among us?

What if America turned down the political rhetoric, and turned an ear to the prophet of God?

Is it barely possible for a nation who has lost its ability to blush, to once again tremble at the word of the prophet of God?

Is there a prophet among us?

Where are the John the Baptists who have a word no one wants to hear? One that would never sell many books, or provide income for a television ministry?

A word preached in the middle of nowhere, without any advertising budget; yet a word that prepares the way for Jesus’ appearing?

Where are the prophets who demand more out of themselves than they do of their listeners?

Is there a prophet among us?

If so, where?

Where are the prophets who declare the heart of God, clearly and without apology, to a people who have long since believed God is either dead or irrelevant? 

Is there at least one prophet in America?

If so, where is he? Where is she?

Are the prophets busy with their own “prophetic ministry”, or is there a word from God that must be released to a hard headed and rebellious nation?

Is there a prophet among us? 

Here’s a word God gave to the prophet Isaiah, to be shared with his nation. Notice a similarity or two between his nation and the good old US of A.

“And now, go, write it before them on a tablet and inscribe it in a book, that it may be for the time to come as a witness forever. For they are a rebellious people, lying children, children unwilling to hear the instruction of the Lord; who say to the seers, “Do not see,” and to the prophets, “Do not prophesy to us what is right; speak to us smooth things, prophesy illusions, leave the way, turn aside from the path, let us hear no more about the Holy One of Israel.” (Isaiah 30:8-11 ESV)

I ask you again; is there a prophet among us?

Ezekiel, told to prophesy to a hard headed nation by God, knew he didn’t have a choice. 

“And he said to me, “Son of man, stand on your feet, and I will speak with you.” And as he spoke to me, the Spirit entered into me and set me on my feet, and I heard him speaking to me. And he said to me, “Son of man, I send you to the people of Israel, to nations of rebels, who have rebelled against me. They and their fathers have transgressed against me to this very day. The descendants also are impudent and stubborn: I send you to them, and you shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God.’ And whether they hear or refuse to hear (for they are a rebellious house) they will know that a prophet has been among them. And you, son of man, be not afraid of them, nor be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns are with you and you sit on scorpions. Be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, for they are a rebellious house. And you shall speak my words to them, whether they hear or refuse to hear, for they are a rebellious house.

“But you, son of man, hear what I say to you. Be not rebellious like that rebellious house; open your mouth and eat what I give you.” And when I looked, behold, a hand was stretched out to me, and behold, a scroll of a book was in it. And he spread it before me. And it had writing on the front and on the back, and there were written on it words of lamentation and mourning and woe.” (Ezekiel 2:1-10 ESV)

The Lord declared through Joel, and later by Peter, that in the last days “He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh; your sons and daughters shall prophesy…” (Acts 2). 

Where are they? Are they speaking? Is anyone listening?

What if Jonah of old walked through Washington, D.C., and proclaimed the same message he gave to Nineveh?  Would he be ignored? Maybe so. But perhaps the soul of this nation would be stirred to repentance!

If there’s a prophet among us, will you please rise up in the name of the Lord?!

America needs to know there IS a prophet among us!

We can’t wait much longer!

Can The NSA Stop End Time Prophecies?

I guess I’m just wondering out loud, as I do quite often these days.

I was watching the republican presidential debate the other night and some of their comments got me to mulling over a few ideas in my head.

Mainly, can the NSA stop end time prophecies from happening?

The NSA (National Security Agency) is pretty much responsible for monitoring all electronic communications, coded and cryptic messages, etc; anything and everything that could pose a threat to our national security.

I’d say they have their hands full.

But why the question?

Scripture teaches that in the end time evil men (and women) will grow worse and worse (2 Timothy 3:13).

“Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” (2 Timothy 3:12-13 ESV)

Deception breeds deception. Evil begets evil. Bad people do bad things, and evil folks do even worse.

And so it will be in the end time, which I believe is right at our doorstep.

Good will be persecuted by evil to such a degree evil will believe it has won. “Deceiving and being deceived” spells it out pretty clear.

Mark it down, we haven’t seen anything yet!

Mild tremors of persecution are beginning to rumble throughout the earth, though in some nations the persecution of the righteous is in full force.

The evil one has a taste in his mouth for the blood of the righteous and won’t stop until he’s had his fill, or until he’s forced to.

Deceiving and being deceived. He actually thinks he’s going to win!

I don’t know how persecution of the righteous will come to the United States, but I believe it is coming.

And no, being told to remove a nativity scene, take down the Ten Commandments, or not being allowed to mention God at a High School graduation ceremony is NOT persecution.

Nor is it when a certain coffee shop doesn’t use the word “Christmas” on their cups.

But real, hard felt persecution is coming to those who won’t compromise their righteous walk with God.

And I don’t believe the NSA can stop it.

No matter how many phones are tapped, or how closely they monitor the millions of emails sent each and every day; the end time prophecies are going to happen.

They can fly thousands of drones over our cities, each equipped with the latest spy cameras and ultra sensitive microphones, yet nothing will alter the end time persecution of the righteous.

I’m not saying it’s going to be ISIS, or any other particular terrorist group. But mark my word, it will be a group of people who are deceiving and being deceived.

It COULD even be our own government!

Isn’t that something to look forward to?

Can I offer you a little bit of advice?

Don’t worry about it. Plan on doing the right thing, regardless. Determine to walk with God whether you are in the fiery furnace or the lion’s den. Make up your mind whether the government loves you or not, you’re going to walk with God.

Even if your presidential candidate isn’t elected, make it your aim to please God in all you do.

Paul said his “light affliction” (that’s what he called it) did something more than just make life hard. What light affliction was he referring to?

Nothing more than beatings, shipwrecks, nakedness, a stoning or four; you know, light afflictions.

“For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:17-18 ESV)

Persecution and hard times aren’t what anyone really wants to think about.


But you’d better think about it, and prepare for it.

Prepare by walking with the Lord Jesus NOW; no matter how many people think you’re nuts.

Yes, the NSA will do their best to keep this nation as safe and secure as they possibly can. But that WON’T keep persecution away from those who have decided that, come hell or high water, they ARE the righteous ones in Christ and they’re going to live as such.

Go for it!

And I’ll see you on the other side!

The Gunman


Why would a 26 year old young man want to kill ANY human being, let alone ten?

What went through the mind of the gunman as he armed himself and pointed his weapon at that first victim? What possessed him to act in such a terrifying manner?

Such heartbreaking news.

I am saddened for the families, the students at UCC, and for the residents of Roseburg, Oregon.

My heart grieves for this nation; a nation no longer “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

If we’ve ever been a united nation, we aren’t now. We are divided by racism, by extremist agendas, by political jargon that accomplishes absolutely nothing, and even pharisaical fools who appear to be more concerned with being heard than changing lives.

We say every life matters, but we act like the only lives that matter are the ones who agree with us.

We disparage the groups who put us down, and wonder why we can’t get the ear of the nation.

I know, because, sadly, I’ve acted the same way.

What is this nation coming to?

I’d like to say, “The only hope for America is Jesus”, but some would be offended.

So I’ll simply say, “America needs the One Who could change everything if He’d only be given a real, honest chance.”

As you shake your head in disbelief as you read or watch the news, please pray for the families and communities of Oregon.

(For those readers who don’t believe in prayer, please send out some positive thoughts)

And while you’re at it, please add a couple more.

1. Pray for this nation

2. Pray for yourself

Because unless the heart of America’s individuals change, America will witness more of today’s horror. 

The Candidate Most Likely To Be Elected 


In anticipation of the upcoming caucus and primary season, I’ve prepared a piece describing the candidate most likely to be elected. It’s a little lengthy, but it will only take you a few minutes to read.

Hey, it’s not my fault that there are so many candidates.

Just in case you’re wondering how I, a nobody in any circle of political analysts or pundits, could feel so confident in my prediction that I’d post it on the world wide Internet, it’s really quite easy to explain. I’ve simply looked at the data from the past three general elections, moistened my index finger, then raised it as high in the air as my modest 5’8″ frame would allow. And I think I’ve come up with a pretty accurate prediction of who could be the next President of the United States of America.

I’ll begin my description of the candidate most likely to be elected by saying it won’t be a woman. While there are many men and women ready to welcome a female Commander in Chief, the country as a whole hasn’t totally warmed up to the idea. Sorry, no Hillary or Carly this time around.

The candidate most likely to be elected will have a smooth tongue, but not necessarily a truthful one. And it’s my opinion that the one elected will be even more determined to meld America into the world’s mixing pot of socialism and a one world government than any previous president.

I know it’s hard to believe, but watch and see. Despite the rhetoric, the democratic and republican platforms, and all of the red, white, and blue lapel pins, the American way of life is close to extinction.

My opinion.

Patriotism is huge in some parts of the country, and among certain age groups. But people primarily vote according to their bank balance, not moral convictions. When the time comes, and come it will, to either vote for America’s sovereignty or join with the “prosperous” One World government, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what will happen.

You say people would never go for that? Well, you might want to pull your head out of the sandbox. It’s gonna happen. Plain and simple.

People MAY slow things a little, but they can’t stop the inevitable.

Economics has a much louder voice than patriotism.

Okay, back to the election.

I like Carson. He’s a very smart guy. Too smart, though, for most voters. And the comment he made saying a Muslim should not be in the Whitehouse didn’t help him among the freedom in diversity crowd.

So Carson’s out.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindahl are non-contenders as I see it. I like what they say, but they are too radical for the ones who vote.

Jeb Bush is a Bush – ’nuff said.

Mike Huckabee is a Southern Baptist preacher. Can you imagine people who have swallowed the diversity and tolerance message hook, line, and sinker voting for a Baptist? Hardly. No, Huckabee isn’t going to make it all the way.

Chris Christie talks tougher than he really is. Of course, I’m only looking at his record, his comments, and his “let’s show the dems just how tough I can be” lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. I see him trying to play the role of a tough appeaser.

Was it Confucius who said “He who tries to play both sides against the middle ends up in a tangled mess”?

Maybe not.

Lindsey Graham has a great southern accent, but he’s too liberal for staunch conservatives, and too republican for the democratic vote.

Besides, he’s too short.

Jim Gilmore says he’s a republican, but thinks like a liberal. He would probably do well as a last days commander in chief, so I’ll let him stay in the mix for a bit.

Rick Santorum? Talks too much like a Bible banger. Doesn’t he realize this country needs more than God? Well, if he doesn’t yet, the voters will let him know.

John Kasich, George Pataki, and Rand Paul? Of the three, George is the most qualified to lead us into union with the rest of the world. Why do I say that?

Two words. New York.

John Kasich talks a lot, and no one cares what he says. Rand Paul hates the rest of the world, and doesn’t mix well with Iraqis.

Probably got beat up on the school playground a lot.

And yes, there’s the Donald to consider.

But why? Mr. Trump is in love with Mr. Trump. He’d be the first to cave to the one world government, if he thought he was getting a good deal.

In case you’ve forgotten, the next four years will not be about returning America to its greatness.

America has been throwing that away in the name of perversion, I mean, diversity, for the past umpteen years. Republican, Democrat, Independent… it doesn’t matter. Our course is set, and that’s that.

We’re gonna have a one world government, Americans be darned!

There’s not a single politician declaring the message of Jonah the prophet. Though it’s what this nation needs, the future president knows it won’t get him elected.

Nor will it fit well with the rest of the world.

Oh, and let’s not forget the rest of the candidates; the ones braying like jackasses, touting all the wonderful things they’ve done.

Things like supporting same sex marriage and abortion on demand. Funding Planned Parenthood as though it’s part of the American Dream.
Family planning services, what a joke. China has basically the same kind of FPS. Back in Moses’ day, Pharaoh had a similar plan. Kill all the boy babies. China, their planning service is simply limiting the amount of children a couple may have. Pregnant again? Oh well, time for an abortion.

Although the House passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood for one year, the Senate will probably fail to follow suit. But if they do, the President will certainly veto the bill.

And the nation that swears in her president with one hand placed on a bible, and the other raised to God, will cheer wildly as another nail in her coffin is hammered in.

Oh yeah. The election.

Who do I predict will be the candidate elected to be the nation’s 45th president?

Sanders is cool. Cool as a cucumber grown on a state run farm. Share and share alike. Raise the minimum wage so everyone can have a livable wage.
Sanders is socialism at its finest. His world view may fit with the one world government, so let’s wait and see.

Joe Biden? I’m truly sorry he lost a son. I can’t imagine what that’s like. But I also can’t imagine him as our next president.

Andrew Cuomo? Al Gore? Dennis Kucinich (how many times has he run, anyway)? Brian Schweitzer? Montana, it’s nice to see you tossing in a name.

Whoever it will be, I predict it will be the most liberal, diverse, one world government, socialist candidate on the slate. Because it’s basically what this country has groomed itself to become.

I know this isn’t a very encouraging post to some of you. I’m sorry. I hope I’m wrong. I pray I’m wrong.
I’m going to vote to make me wrong.

How about you?

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared…” (1 Timothy 4:1-2 ESV)


Uncle Sam Weeps



Uncle Sam

watch video of song – Uncle Sam Weeps


In this land of the free and the home of the brave, Kneels an old ragged man with his banner to wave

And he weeps,

Holding those Colors, the red white and blue, With hands rough and worn by the pain he’s been through,

How he weeps,

With tears in his eyes, and an ache in his chest, Remembering the day when his land was so blessed

Yes, he weeps.


His sons and his daughters had futures so bright, When all could discern ‘tween the wrong and the right

Hear him weep,

Each child was embraced by a mother and dad, The unborn were safe from the doctors gone bad

How he weeps,

Uncle Sam weeps for the fatherless child, The widow, the orphan, and a nation gone wild,

Yes He weeps.


Uncle Sam weeps for the fatherless child, The widow, the orphan, and a nation gone wild,

Yes He weeps.


There are battles abroad, and hatred within, All due to the color of a man’s skin,

Hear him weep,

“God Bless this nation”, we’ll sing before games, Then vote to remove the mere hint of God’s name

How he weeps,

Wrong is now right, and hope’s turned to fear, This progress has come o’er the past 50 years

Yes he weeps


Our nation’s soldiers, our best of the best, Face an enemy greater than all of the rest,

And he weeps,

Engaged in a war, not for land, fame, or greed, But because of an ancient, terrorist’s creed,

How he weeps,

With a lump in his throat, and pain in his heart, He watches his nation be torn apart,

Yes he weeps


Uncle Sam weeps for the fatherless child, The widow, the orphan, and a nation gone wild,

Yes He weeps.

The DC Elite and Supreme Court Nine, Turn opinions to law, as his God they malign,

How he weeps.

Uncle Sam weeps for the fatherless child, The widow, the orphan, and a nation gone wild,

Yes He weeps.


Uncle Sam bows at the foot of the cross, Lifting hands toward heaven, may all not be lost,

And he weeps

by Jan L. Grace

copyright 2015



The Closet

It seems like the world is all geared up for house cleaning. Do you know what I mean?

When I was a teenager, my little brother, who is nine years younger, had a messy closet. From time to time I had the chore of “helping” him clean it out.

You wouldn’t believe the things we’d find in the closet.

Toys, socks, books, more toys, and lots of miscellaneous articles of clothing.

By the time “we” were finished, the closet would be nice and neat, but the bedroom would be a wreck.

Kind of like today.

The closet is getting cleared out, but now the junk is everywhere.

Quite frankly, I think it would have been just fine for the closet to stay messy.

But that’s not how people are.

We like to think we know best about everything. We’re happy with our choices, especially if we can get everyone to agree with us.

So instead of peeking into our closet full of questionable and messy things, we take the closet door off its hinges so everyone can see what we’ve allowed to grow in the dark room.

Only now, and unlike my chore of years ago, rather than properly disposing of the junk and odd socks, people expect everyone else to applaud the mess they’ve made.

They parade their closet junk in front of everyone, just daring someone to tell them it’s wrong.

They want people to affirm their closet lifestyle as the norm.

But you know what? I’m not going to affirm the closet stuff as good, or normal, or the way God made them.

Why? Because it isn’t the norm.

It’s only the mess from the closet.

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