The Gunman


Why would a 26 year old young man want to kill ANY human being, let alone ten?

What went through the mind of the gunman as he armed himself and pointed his weapon at that first victim? What possessed him to act in such a terrifying manner?

Such heartbreaking news.

I am saddened for the families, the students at UCC, and for the residents of Roseburg, Oregon.

My heart grieves for this nation; a nation no longer “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

If we’ve ever been a united nation, we aren’t now. We are divided by racism, by extremist agendas, by political jargon that accomplishes absolutely nothing, and even pharisaical fools who appear to be more concerned with being heard than changing lives.

We say every life matters, but we act like the only lives that matter are the ones who agree with us.

We disparage the groups who put us down, and wonder why we can’t get the ear of the nation.

I know, because, sadly, I’ve acted the same way.

What is this nation coming to?

I’d like to say, “The only hope for America is Jesus”, but some would be offended.

So I’ll simply say, “America needs the One Who could change everything if He’d only be given a real, honest chance.”

As you shake your head in disbelief as you read or watch the news, please pray for the families and communities of Oregon.

(For those readers who don’t believe in prayer, please send out some positive thoughts)

And while you’re at it, please add a couple more.

1. Pray for this nation

2. Pray for yourself

Because unless the heart of America’s individuals change, America will witness more of today’s horror. 

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