20140325-193022.jpgA word came to my heart. A word of action, and requiring action. A word of liberty, and yet a word allowing someone to own you. To be owned by love; overwhelmed by love.

The word? Exchange.

Exchange one life for another. Is it possible? Can it be done? What if one life is practically destroyed, used up, ridden hard and put away wet?

It’s beyond possible. It’s promised.

How can it be?

What does your life consist of? Are you just flesh, blood, and bone? Oh no, you are more. Much more!


Exchange your emptiness for God’s fullness; your sorrow for his joy. Your thoughts can be in harmony, in agreement, with his thoughts.

Exchange your way of reasoning with his way of believing.

Exchange your skepticism for assurance in your heart. The jealousy, envy, and bitterness which has all but consumed you can be exchanged for his everlasting love and peace that passes all understanding; beyond comprehension, but not beyond experience.

Exchange your past with all its sordidness and inordinate affections. Exchange it with someone who gave his perfect life for you.

But how? Where?

Exchange by recognizing your need; your absolute inability to raise yourself to the new life offered by God Almighty, through his son Jesus Christ.

Exchange at the cross of Christ. The place God the father met his son that dark day on Golgotha’s hill. There he accepted his son’s offer and now grants eternal life to all who believe and receive.

And he proved it when he raised Jesus from the dead.

His resurrection is your resurrection!

Exchange your empty future of hopelessness for his glorious and blessed hope.

What have you got to lose?


What is there to gain?

Everything, plus more than can be imagined!

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