More Than A Melody

The wind of the Spirit began to gently move among the people assembled to worship and praise the Lord Almighty. As the musicians played softly, the singer began singing, “seek the Lord while He may be found…”

It was as though the Lord joined us in singing and dancing that night. When we began playing the second song, it seemed like there were extra instruments playing, extra voices singing, and a supernatural ability to play and play. A well of untapped joy suddenly opened in my spirit as I praised and worshipped my God.

Yes, God inhabits the praises of His people. Praise and worship invites Him, welcomes Him, to make Himself at home in our midst, and in our individual lives. And He thoroughly enjoys doing just that.

Worship seemed to carry us to new heights; as though we were translated from the dingy gray of earth to the brightly illuminated throne room of God. How could this be happening? After all, we were just singing songs. Nothing special about the melodies, except they were being sung by our hearts. The instruments were simple, nothing fancy at all; other than they, too, seemed to be one with our hearts.

I love to imagine what worship is like in Heaven. I think the Lord gave us all a heavenly glimpse that night.

Lord, help our hearts to always worship you, even when the band isn’t playing. For the thing which moves your heart isn’t the complicated chords we may play on our instruments, but the harmony our hearts make when we join as one voice to worship the One True God.

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