I’m Gonna Smile!


“I can do it myself, Ollie”, Stan Laurel would say, in his own self-assured way.

The brains of the outfit, Oliver Hardy, would smack his partner around while saying, “That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Stanley.”

Watching those guys always put a smile on my face.

What a pair. One who’s a bumbling goof, who thinks he can figure things out for himself, and the other guy, Mr. Big, who always insists on doing things HIS way then blames his partner when his plan fails.

Does this remind you of anyone?

I wonder what the devil will say to his fellow rebels when his days of tormenting others are through? I can just imagine, as the flames from the lake of fire crackle, engulfing satan and his clan forever, that old serpent hissing at the others, “that’sss another fine messss you’ve got ussss into!

I feel a huge smile coming on!

How about you?

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