Is Freethinking Free?


How much does it cost to be a freethinker?

What is a freethinker? According to the dictionary, it’s a person who forms his or her own opinions about important subjects (such as religion and politics) instead of accepting what other people say.

Is that even possible? Form your own opinion? Without anyone’s help or influence?

Maybe if the person was raised by wolves on a deserted island.

Another definition: freethinker – n. One who has rejected authority and dogma, especially in his religious thinking, in favor of rational inquiry and speculation. -The American Heritage Dictionary

The famous revolutionist Thomas Paine was a noted freethinker. While greatly despising Christianity, he did believe in a Creator. He believed simply because he could see evidence of a creator, and thus he reasoned there must be one. He advocated deism, though; which is a movement or system of thought advocating natural religion, emphasizing morality, and denying the interference of the Creator with the laws of the universe. In other words, no miracles, no revelation, no accountability to a god or a devil.

Natural religion, that is, religion based on reason rather than divine revelation, is such rip off. To believe that somehow, someway, someone created everything, and yet not believe in anything contrary to natural law is absurd. To think something or someone made the stuff yet has nothing to do with it? Really? And people think Christians are naive.

Much to do is being made today about man’s ability to reason his way out of the mess he’s in. How did man get into such a mess? Because he thought he was smarter than God. In fact, he STILL thinks that.

Man wants to be a freethinker because he doesn’t want to be accountable to someone’s rules. He’s just proud enough to believe he’s smart enough to figure out everything about the universe, our planet, life, and death. Thinking and reasoning is worshipped, and the God who said, “Come, let us reason together”, is completely ignored.

There’s no such thing as a freethinker, anyway. No one just dreams up a brand new thought. Not where morality, God, or spirituality are concerned.

We are affected by those around us, by those we read after, and by people we trust to speak into our life. Yes, we have to decide what we believe, but we are still influenced by our surroundings.

And God. And satan.

Faith in God comes by hearing the Word of God. Faith in man, in animals, in “Mother Nature”, and in the alignment of the stars and planets comes by hearing the whispered, deceitful ramblings of the evil one. Ever since the garden of Eden, where man first began the practice of freethinking, the devil has coerced and deceived man into believing:

-God is a myth
-The devil is also a myth
-Man is in charge of his own destiny (he pulls himself up)
-There’s no such thing as an eternal reward
-Hell was concocted by some tyrant who wanted to scare others into submission
-Mankind will eventually solve all of his problems
-Eternal life is within man’s ability to discover
-Morality isn’t important.
-Mankind is essentially good (just a few bad apples in the basket)
-If man doesn’t understand something, it must not be real. Therefore, God cannot be real.

The very FIRST freethinker was Lucifer. In Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 the story is told of a mighty angel named Lucifer who chose to rebel, and lead a rebellion, against Almighty God. It’s one thing to “step out of the box” now and then, but Lucifer did not have the right to think for himself. He was created to serve.

Man was created with the right to choose, but within certain parameters. But the rebel influenced Adam and Eve’s thinking and down they went.

So, on and on man walks, alone with his thoughts. Freethinking. But not realizing his freethinking, his wonderful, grandiose thinking isn’t without a high cost.

The cost? A life without a true, God given purpose. A future without the glorious Presence of God.

Freethinkers, think about this. What if your reasoning is wrong? What if you’ve bought into a lie?

Finally, think about the One who thinks about you constantly, who is forever interceding for you. The One who thought about you so much he went to the cross, for you.

You and I believe something. We can’t get away from it.

Think what it would be like have eternal life, to know your savior, and know the peace of God that surpasses understanding.

Think about it. While you still can.

Freethinking isn’t free. It either costs you or it cost Jesus. Someone has to pay for Adam’s “freethinking”.

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4 responses to “Is Freethinking Free?”

  1. “What is a freethinker? According to the dictionary, it’s a person who forms his or her own opinions about important subjects (such as religion and politics) instead of accepting what other people say.

    Is that even possible? Form your own opinion? Without anyone’s help or influence?”

    Answer: Yes. Yes. Maybe. Forming your own opinion does not mean not having anyone’s help. It means taking what you have, opinions of many people, and building your own. It might be exactly the same as someone else’s. The point is that you came to the conclusion because of your own investigation rather than simply accepting a position. So, no, you don’t have to be raised by wolves.


      • Many Christians I have met seem to struggle. They haven’t contemplated their faith and don’t take it seriously. After all, if someone is a Christian, they shouldn’t engage in angry arguments and hate people, yet I see many Christians say they believe one thing and turn around and do the opposite. Even my closest friends. I think that there are freethinking Christians who work to be like Jesus, but it pains me to see hypocrisy in daily life. It’s even worse when hypocrisy is followed by acceptance of one’s own hypocrisy (continually committing the act without trying to change). I think it is this hypocrisy and other terrible incidents caused by religious individuals which leads people to revolt against religion.

        The war on religion set out by Dawkins et al. is an example of human failure to reason. Anyone who says that all religion is bad, evil, destructive, and a fairy-tale is failing to use reason. They are oversimplifying life and this will cause them and others great pain and frustration. They live in a world where morality is based on correctness. This is a dangerous moral compass because it attacks and destroys everything it believes is not correct.

        The best people who live and have lived are the ones who live in a world where morality is based on one’s own action, not others’. If you are a Christian and follow in the footsteps of Jesus as best you can, you are worthy of my respect. I am personally a deist. I don’t know who God is or what God is, but I love God because without God I would not be alive. Heaven or Hell, I will always love my God because I was given even a second to see the world. Anyone who truly believes ALL Christians are NOT freethinkers hasn’t experienced life enough. They haven’t met and understood people like some of my professors.


      • Thanks for your honesty and openness. I am so thankful to know the Lord who isn’t bothered with my questions or confusions. All he wants is your honesty and openness to him.


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