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Only One Requirement


I’d like to say a word or two about the President of the United States of America. No, not any particular president, but rather the Office of President.

I won’t use a lot of words; it won’t take many.

I’ll start by saying that most people have their preference of who should be living in the White House. And yes, I have my preferences also.

But I feel there’s only one requirement a person MUST meet if they’re to lead this great land; if they are going to be the leader of the free world.

Before I tell you that one requirement, allow me to say what IS NOT a requirement.

–they do not have to believe in God, Jesus, the Bible, or the Holy Spirit. They can be an atheist for that matter. The person isn’t voted on as if they’re a candidate for the church pastorate.

–they don’t have to be pro-life.

–they needn’t be a musician, painter, or skilled at solving the Rubik’s Cube.

–they can be black, white, yellow, red, or purple. They can wear tan shoes, with pink shoelaces. It doesn’t matter. But a certain color isn’t required.

–whether or not the person is a veteran of the armed forces matters not to me.

–they can be a vegan, raise happy chickens that lay happy eggs. Whatever.

Only one REQUIREMENT, as far as I’m concerned.

–No, they don’t have to be Republican, Democrat, Green Party, Tea Party, or No Party.

–They don’t need to believe what I believe, love what I love, or hate what I hate. They may do things I don’t like, but are, in reality, best for this country.

Just one requirement: they must be able to faithfully do what they swore (or affirmed) they’d do – faithfully execute the office of President, and preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Plain as the Oath they repeat.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

But if they can’t do that one thing, then regardless of their color, faith, political party, or what they ate for breakfast, they need to QUIT or be fired.

And those of us who come under the heading of “We the People” have a responsibility to demand the president keeps that one charge.

Agree? Why or why not?

Skin Color and Ferguson


What’s going on? Why is this nation in such an uproar? People can’t seem to get along with anyone that is the slightest bit different.

Why are people still color conscious these days? I thought America was beyond that, didn’t you?

It shouldn’t matter if someone is light skinned or dark skinned, any more than it matters if someone has a genuine tan or a fake, sun lamp tan.

African American, Asian American, European American; so what? Ethiopian, Syrian, Indian, or Mongolian. What’s the difference?

And just in case there’s one out there, let’s include little green Martian Americans.

What’s the big deal?

I’m a Caucasian by birth. In the winter, I’m white. During the summer, I’m tan. Do I become a different person because my skin changes color? No.

So what’s with the citizens of this nation, anyway? As if there weren’t enough things to worry about. It’s like there is something inside the heart of this nation that won’t rest until it creates another civil war.

People are ready to go to blows over gun laws, healthcare, and math class.

They ARE going to blows in Ferguson, Missouri. A town of 21,000; where the African American population outnumber the whites about 3 to 1.

I’ve read a number of stories about the killing of a young black man named Michael Brown. I’ve read the different autopsy reports, listened to the media reports (both from CNN and the one that’s “fair and balanced”). It is amazing how different each network can be.

Does anyone really know what happened? Is anyone listening for truth? Does a person’s color determine their innocence or guilt? Would the National Guard have been called out if Michael Brown had been Caucasian? How about Asian? Would there be rioting and looting if Michael had just got off the bus from Mexico?

What if the policeman was a black man? Would Ferguson still be the hot spot if the victim had been homeless?

Just how guilty are those who are demanding justice? Or innocent? Does America even know what justice is?

Why isn’t America grieving over the killing of an 18 year old? Why isn’t THAT the focus? Where’s the cry for justice? Why can’t we IGNORE the color of someone’s skin?

Because there is a spirit, sent from the evil one himself, who’s assignment is to steal, kill, and destroy using any means it can. Racial schisms seem to work quite well.

It’s as though there’s a fast growing cancer inside its very soul, devouring its ability to discern between right and wrong.

Skin color does not make a person innocent or guilty. Peel away the skin and everyone looks the same. Skin cannot force anyone to act a certain way, unless the person wearing the skin chooses to act. Skin doesn’t have the power to do anything. Good or evil.

Skin color isn’t the problem in Ferguson anymore than in Des Moines. Or in Calcutta, India, for that matter.

No, the problem is found in America’s heart. And America’s heart is its people.

Would that God could reach the heart of this nation.

You know what? He’s trying.

Maybe if each of us stopped trying to affix blame on everyone who’s different from us, and acknowledged our own sin and prejudice. Maybe if we took responsibility for our wrong actions AND thoughts.

What if each of us humbled ourselves before God AND each other?

Maybe, just maybe, Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream would become a reality.

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