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A Prophetic Dream?


Like you, I’ve had my share of goofy dreams; dreams that made no sense whatsoever. But every so often…

Last night’s dream was odd, but when I awoke it no longer seemed that way. Rather, it seemed to whisper to my heart, “sent by God.”

I dreamed I was leading worship, nothing unusual about that; but in the middle of the “set”, things began to change.

While the music continued, I began to paint. My canvas was the back of an old tambourine, my medium was oils. The picture was of nothing in particular, nothing defined.

I stopped painting, but the music continued for a short season. I took a rag from my pocket, and wiped the canvas clean. The congregation of worshipers gasped, all except one. He was too preoccupied to notice. In fact, he was badgering one of the others; insisting the other person play cards with him.

I opened more paints, stirring, mixing the oil with the pigment. I then applied the paint to the canvas, while others watched.

The picture was undefinable; just paint swirled and smeared on the tambourine’s canvas. Once more, I took my rag and wiped the canvas clean.

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