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Sorry, but Super Pastors do NOT exist.


Can you explain to me why the church does a great job of showing compassion toward others, but sometimes struggle to extend that same care to their pastor? 

I mean it.

If Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Layman are having a hard time coping with life, everyone and their brother offers to pray, watch the kids, bring meals, and give tons of grace.

That’s not always the case when the hurting couple is none other than Rev. and Mrs. Richard C. Pastor. They should know what to do, how to handle life’s crud, and still minister to the flock.

Why? Who said so? Jesus?

I don’t think so.

Jesus grew weary, lost a family member who was also a close friend, and had need for people and angels to minister to Him.


“Now it came to pass, afterward, that He went through every city and village, preaching and bringing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God. And the twelve were with Him, and certain women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities – Mary called Magdalene, out of whom had come seven demons, and Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others who provided for Him from their substance.” (Luke 8:1 – 8:3 NKJV)

“Immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness. And He was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan, and was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered to Him.” (Mark 1:12 – 1:13 NKJV)

My point? Jesus had times when He needed help from others.

So why do we expect pastors to be superhuman?

Men and women of God are not God. They have frailties and weaknesses like everyone else. And even though they may be proficient in helping others handle life’s issues, they’re not always hitting on all cylinders when it comes to trying to deal with what life throws at them and their family members.

Are YOU always running at 100% efficiency? I’m not.

“But the bible says…”

How about quoting the bible while YOU are being run over by a freight train, and see how well you manage.

Super Pastor does not exist. 

What DOES exist is the Body of Christ, who, according to the Apostle Paul, should have the same care one for another (1 Corinthians 12).

It seems everyone is looking for a superhero these days; yes, even in the church.

And though God anoints men and women with His Holy Spirit, it doesn’t mean they never tire or become discouraged.

Are YOU a pastor? If so, will you stop trying to be Super Pastor? You don’t have to tell everyone all your shortcomings or fears and frustrations. But don’t act as though you have none.

Are YOU part of a local church body? What do YOU do to support, encourage, and serve your pastor and family?

Are you adding to their load, or helping them carry theirs?

Should you expect your pastor to be an exemplary believer? Absolutely! But that doesn’t equate to perfection. 

Your pastor and family face things many Christians never will, besides dealing with all the “normal” stuff. They get tired, depressed, and worried about one thing and another.

Just like you and I.

They need your love and prayers, just like you need theirs.

It’s been said many pastors quit “the ministry” each year. Maybe the numbers wouldn’t be so high if the Church acted like we’re supposed to.

“And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually.” (1 Corinthians 12:26 – 12:27 NKJV)

That’s NOT what we needed, pastor!

20140524-215016-78616025.jpgIt was a Sunday morning many years ago.

As I was walking up to the platform to begin the church service a couple stopped me to let me know they had been praying for me.

I was absolutely delighted…

…until they added, “God has told us what you’re supposed to preach. If you don’t, we know you’ve missed God.”

How’s that for added pressure?

Well, it just so happens that I missed God that morning. How do I know? They told me.

“That’s NOT what we needed, pastor.”

Like most pastors, I really want to do my best for God and the congregation. I don’t want to “miss it”. But having been in pastoral ministry for 30 years, I know I haven’t blessed the socks off of everyone who’s heard me preach.

I’ve had moments where I was “a man sent from God”! Yet there have been other times when I was looked at like I’d just blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

I’ve thought, many times, how nice it would be if the congregation and pastor knew how to work together, and how much it could benefit God’s kingdom as a whole.

I recently taught a message called, “How to get the most out of your pastor.” In it, I included five simple things that will help each and every Christ follower relate properly with their pastor, and as a result, help the pastor do and be all Jesus created him to be.

Are you a pastor? Do you think it would be decent if people understood your ministry?

Do you have a pastor? Wouldn’t it be great to get your money’s worth out of him?

A few days ago I published an eBook through Amazon Kindle titled “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pastor – Five Simple Things”. I believe it will help each person in the Body of Christ.

I believe it can help you.

As I taught the class that night I was amazed at their reaction. First of all, when I mentioned the topic, people began scurrying around for pencil and paper to take notes. Then as we discussed the different things each person could do I could see their enthusiasm and desire to follow through.

Finally, a week later people were still telling me how much they benefited from the lesson.

People are the same the world over. Don’t you agree?

People who genuinely love God and the church really do want to help their pastor, AND get the most out of them.

I invite you to follow this link and see if this book just might be one you could use. The cost of the book is only $2.99.


Thank you in advance. May the Lord continue to use his church in a way that exalts Jesus and brings a heavenly transformation to mankind.

Take Off That Red Cape!


Clark Kent, that mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, was quite a man. He could do all the things Superman could do (because that’s who he really was), but didn’t do anything unless he was wearing his big “S” and long red cape.

Wonder what the deal was. I mean, when he learned of trouble, especially if Lois was involved, he’d find a closet or phone booth, take off his glasses, remove his suit, and voila! He’s Superman!

But why couldn’t he fly, hit people, lift buildings, and dazzle Lois while wearing his “reporter” clothes? He was the same guy, he just looked different. Was it that people wouldn’t receive his help if he didn’t look like a superhero? Would people say, “who does he think he is? Why, we know his parents and they aren’t anything special!”

I don’t really know, but maybe it had something to do with public perception and expectations. Everyone had their idea of how a superhero should look, dress, talk and act. Maybe the adoration and praise from his adoring fans helped give him the super powers he demonstrated. And maybe, just maybe, he longed for the worship of others; he needed the worship and praise of others to help him get through life.

Pastoring, preaching, ministering is usually non-eventful. Most preachers DO NOT ” ring the bell” with every message they preach! Most weeks, even the busy ones, can be mundane and repetitious. Make phone calls, hospital calls, study, pray, visit Sister Ima Complainer and Brother Noah Good, mow the lawn, clean the church…week in and week out. So tempting to look for something, anything, that will put some “wow” into the ministry and get a larger audience (I mean, adherents). Never mind that the work they’re doing IS making a difference; no, they want others to know how super they really are.

Have you noticed how the churches in America are so competitive? Who are they competing with? Their brothers and sisters in Christ. For what? More people. Sound like a great thing? Keep in mind most “church growth” is really saints moving from church to church. Why do most move? They’re looking for the guy in the red cape that can put on the best show in town!

I suppose that’s a natural thing, eh? But the Apostle Paul didn’t think it was a commendable trait to act “naturally” or “carnally” (1 Cor. 3). He told the Corinthians to quit putting one person above the other and, instead, look to Christ. He said believers should be “spiritual” people.

Regardless whether or not people expect to see me in a red cape, I must remember who I am with or without the cape. God didn’t call and anoint me to put on a show, win people’s approval, sell the most tickets, or even leap tall buildings in a single bound. Now, He may have me do it now and then; but you can be assured He won’t have me changing in a phone booth before I do! He won’t have me pasting on a special smile for the cameras, practicing my “anointed gyrations”, or anything else just to make the next “show” more exciting than the last.

I am who I am in Him. And He made you who you are in Him! He is our strength and power. He’s all we need! So take off the red cape and comb your hair! Get rid of the cute little curl; that one that makes you look like that certain super guy.

Maybe when the American church decides to quit idolizing the ministers, and the ministers stop seeking and feeding on the praise and worship of the people, God will really "put on a show" that will change lives for eternity!

May we see Him demonstrate His speed, power, and ability…amen.

Could Jesus Be An American Preacher In 2013?

American Church

What if Jesus was a Preacher in the American Church in 2013?

What would that look like? Would He know how to grow a church? Would He have a “staff” and what would that look like?

Could the Apostle Jesus plant a church in today’s society, economy, and denominational organizations?

How would He go about doing it? Who would He ask, what forms would He need to fill out, what extra training would He need before He would be given permission. Would He need to have a core group before beginning the work and what if He wasn’t the right age to connect with what the demographic researchers determined was necessary? Would He wear the title of “Apostle” like a badge that demanded recognition and obedience? Would He demand the tithe from His “children in the faith”? Would He serve others or expect everyone to serve Him?

Suppose Jesus came to church this year as a Prophet of God?

Who would listen? Would He even be invited to speak “a Word from God”? Who would give Him permission to speak? If He revealed too much of our hearts and lives, would someone shut down the meeting? Would He advertise in Christian publications, using full page, full color ads, describing Himself in such a way so He could get more meetings and publicity? Could He hold citywide crusades? Would He go to small venues, or would there need to be enough people to “support the ministry”? Would He “sell His services and prayers” for a nominal offering to help support the ministry? Would He promise a hundred-fold return for every nickel given? Would He be a person of integrity – and actually pray over each letter received, like He said He would – or would His staff collect the money from the envelopes and toss the letters?

Maybe Jesus would arrive as an Evangelist!

Healing, casting out devils, preaching the word of deliverance to those who come to the meetings. But, who would come? In fact, who would even schedule Jesus to have a meeting? The American church doesn’t need evangelistic meetings anymore, do they? After all, the local pastor can give “his” congregation everything they need. So really, no need for an evangelist. Just forget it.

Do you really think Jesus could last as a Pastor/Shepherd in 2013?

For how long? Could He make it 7 years? Could He handle loud music or old hymns? Would it make any difference to His church if He was bivocational? Would He sit in His office before “service”, not speaking to anyone so He didn’t “lose His anointing” or would He greet and hug, receiving all who came to Him? What organization would He have His preaching papers with? Would He go to “ministers meetings” for fellowship or would He stay in His own little world, complaining of how busy He always is? Would the congregation have to wait for months to schedule an appointment with Him? Would He return calls to missionaries or another minister, or would the calls be ignored? Would He allow His tee time to be interrupted by a telephone call from another minister, who just needs some encouragement? Would He realize Who is supposed to lead the local church, or would He maintain His “called right”?

Possibly, Jesus would show up as a Teacher.

Would He arrive with certain demands regarding His accommodations and meals? Would He speak at the people or to them? Would He have well staged theatrics and cute sayings, or would His teaching go beyond the use of clever and persuasive words designed solely for crowd pleasing. Would the message taught change lives or only sell books and build publicity? Would He speak to a waitress in a restaurant with the same “sincerity” He uses to teach the masses? Could He work hand in hand with the other ministries in the church? Would He yield the platform to someone less “gifted” if Father God had a different plan that day? And, how many houses would He need to demonstrate just how prosperous God had made Him?

We’re going to find out!

Jesus is wanting to minister as an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher – through you and I! I recall Jesus’ ministry throughout the Gospels, ministering as those gifts mentioned above, and I see the need for a lot of change. In me.

Maybe in you.

You and Jesus will determine that.




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