That’s NOT what we needed, pastor!

20140524-215016-78616025.jpgIt was a Sunday morning many years ago.

As I was walking up to the platform to begin the church service a couple stopped me to let me know they had been praying for me.

I was absolutely delighted…

…until they added, “God has told us what you’re supposed to preach. If you don’t, we know you’ve missed God.”

How’s that for added pressure?

Well, it just so happens that I missed God that morning. How do I know? They told me.

“That’s NOT what we needed, pastor.”

Like most pastors, I really want to do my best for God and the congregation. I don’t want to “miss it”. But having been in pastoral ministry for 30 years, I know I haven’t blessed the socks off of everyone who’s heard me preach.

I’ve had moments where I was “a man sent from God”! Yet there have been other times when I was looked at like I’d just blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

I’ve thought, many times, how nice it would be if the congregation and pastor knew how to work together, and how much it could benefit God’s kingdom as a whole.

I recently taught a message called, “How to get the most out of your pastor.” In it, I included five simple things that will help each and every Christ follower relate properly with their pastor, and as a result, help the pastor do and be all Jesus created him to be.

Are you a pastor? Do you think it would be decent if people understood your ministry?

Do you have a pastor? Wouldn’t it be great to get your money’s worth out of him?

A few days ago I published an eBook through Amazon Kindle titled “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pastor – Five Simple Things”. I believe it will help each person in the Body of Christ.

I believe it can help you.

As I taught the class that night I was amazed at their reaction. First of all, when I mentioned the topic, people began scurrying around for pencil and paper to take notes. Then as we discussed the different things each person could do I could see their enthusiasm and desire to follow through.

Finally, a week later people were still telling me how much they benefited from the lesson.

People are the same the world over. Don’t you agree?

People who genuinely love God and the church really do want to help their pastor, AND get the most out of them.

I invite you to follow this link and see if this book just might be one you could use. The cost of the book is only $2.99.

Thank you in advance. May the Lord continue to use his church in a way that exalts Jesus and brings a heavenly transformation to mankind.

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