The Idiom Is True


There’s an old idiom which goes like this: “it takes all kinds to make the world go around”.

I guess it’s referring to diversity.

So the world goes around because it’s home for people of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

But are there more categories? How many kinds of people are there; you know, the ones that make the world go around?

Do rich people have any connection to the world’s movement? Do those with less money cause the world to speed up or slow down?

How important is it to have both liberals and conservatives on the same planet? One would think the two opposing ideologies would cancel each other out, leaving the world with no propellant, no way to get itself in gear.

And really, must the world keep turning? As a kid I heard the earth’s gravity depends largely on its rotation. Of course, I could’ve missed something along the way.

What about people we don’t like? How vital is their role?

I wonder if it’s possible to somehow dump the people we don’t care for over the side of the world. But if they are important to the world’s rotation I’d really hate to mess with it.

Now for the big question. Scripture teaches that one of these days the Christians, those who are followers of Christ, will no longer be residents of this world. So how will our leaving affect those who remain?

Though I’m not sure of the specifics, that is the one group whose departure will make a gigantic impact on how the world continues to go around. Because after the group as been shuttled off to another world it will take less than seven years for this world to fall completely into ruins.

I believe it will simply grind to a complete stop.

Even if the world lost all of its white or black, skinny or fat, rich or poor, tall or short population, it would continue to spin. But pull the Christ followers out…

I guess the idiom is true.

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