Black History Month – A Catalyst For Unity

 I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been known to say things that are insensitive, reveal my ignorance of a particular subject, and are nothing more than stupid. 

A couple of my “prize” sayings have been regarding February’s Black History Month. 

I’m not a racist, but apparently I can be a little slow in figuring some things out.

“Why isn’t there a White History Month?”, was one of the doozies. 

“Why is there so much talk about slavery? I’ve never owned anyone; white or black.”

See what I mean? 

But I must have been in a smarter, more sensitive to God’s mood when it finally dawned on me; maybe learning another’s history could help bridge any racial barrier that hinders true unity and revival in the Body of Christ.

Unity is essential. For any human body to function properly, each member or part must be in proper relationship with the head AND the other parts. If the head can only communicate with the arm but not the hand, there can be real problems. And if the hand isn’t communicating with the wrist or arm, nothing good will happen; and the will of the head won’t be accomplished. 

So it is in the Body of Christ and the individual members. 

I’m not talking about the local church right now; I’m referring to the Body of Christ as it pertains to a community, city, and even nation.

God has a family made up of people of all colors. Members of His Body, filled with His Spirit, and hearing His voice. 

But in many places, the Body is divided by color. Blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians and others unable or unwilling to communicate with one another. 

Yet each group is praying for God to move greatly in our society!

Instead of dissing, or even ignoring Black History Month, I’m going to see what I can learn about my brethren who have darker skin than I. I’m going to learn more about their history, and listen to them speak. 

Unity is the catalyst for the outpouring of God’s Spirit. Psalm 133. Communication is a requirement for unity. Dialogue, two or more people conversing WITH one another, is a necessary component of communication. 

But before two or more people can have dialogue, someone must first yield to the other, allowing monologue. 

For me to be heard, I first have to listen. Afterward, trust can be developed and dialogue can begin to happen and thus pave the way for unity. 

Ephesians 4:3 tells us to “endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit…“, which means we have to first HAVE unity before we can KEEP it. 

This year, I’m looking at Black History Month differently. I’m expecting to learn more about my precious brothers and sisters. 

How about joining me? Let’s celebrate diversity in the Body, and work toward dialogue, communication, and, ultimately, unity. 

You may have never owned a slave. You see yourself as a lover of all races. But have you ever listened to someone’s story? 

That’s a good place to begin. 

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