Unofficial Presidential Poll

Just a day and a fraction before the 2016 Iowa Caucuses get under way. So in keeping with the times, and since everyone and their brother is conducting a poll, I figured I’d do the same.

Only this one’s going to be a little different and, hopefully, a lot more fun. 

Yesterday my wife and I spent an hour or so at one of our favorite places to shop. A place which has tons of stuff to look at, and some awesome music to listen to. 

The Picker Knows. Antiques, collectibles, and a whole lot more. 

So while we were walking around, seeing if there was something we just couldn’t live without, I had this marvelous idea. What better place to find presidential candidates than at an antique shop with a name like “The Picker Knows”? 

Since everyone would like to think THEY can pick the next president, why not let The Picker Knows give them some assistance?

Below you will see 15 pictures, all taken at the store. Each one is numbered so you can decide for yourself which would be the best candidate for the nation’s highest office.

Anyway, if you’ll be so kind, would you please write the number for whichever candidate you like best in the comment section? And, to make it even more fun, write the candidate’s name next to the number. If you’re on a roll, include why you feel the picture best represents your candidate.

For example: I like number two. Ben Carson. Friendly and nice, just like Woody.

And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, make sure you stop and visit the fine folks at The Picker Knows.

(For more information, please click – The Picker Knows)

Here we go: 

The Unofficial Iowa PreCaucus Poll








Thank you for helping me with this poll. I hope you realize though this is a fun way to think of politics, choosing our next president is serious business. 

Please continue to pray for this great nation. May we truly be one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

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