Where Are The Hardy Boys?


Remember back when Frank and Joe Hardy were the only super sleuths our country needed? 

Two teenaged boys, along with some of their friends, could outwit any criminal three or four times their age. 

Criminals came in all shapes and sizes, and were as diverse as the day is long. Jewel thieves, smugglers, counterfeiters, robbers, international spies, treasure hunters, pirates, and kidnappers were just some of the mysterious criminals outwitted by the young heroes. 

I could lose track of time so easily, following the boys as they traversed up and down the eastern seaboard; from Bayport to New York City, and then all the way down to the Carolinas. 

Where are they when you need them?

Where are the young men who not only are well trained in crime solving, but know how to respect their elders AND can entertain young ladies without trying to coax them into bed?

And where are the Fenton and Laura Hardys, parents of our illustrious teenage investigators, who had the patience and grit to train their sons in more areas than just deciding which football team to root for?

Things like respecting authority, telling the truth, attending church, and the value of close friends. Some of their best friends, Chet, Biff, Iola, Callie, and Tony were always around when the going got tough. Although Chet complained about having to miss a meal while pursuing a bad guy, he could always be counted on when the time came. 

Frank and Joe, as well as their friends, even though they were young adults, never once used “adult language”, even if the occasion seemed to call for it. Even if they were trapped in an abandoned mine, locked in a tower, hidden behind secret panels, or tied up on a motorboat about to explode, cool heads prevailed. 

Not even so much as a “Darn” ever crossed the lips of America’s Teen Detectives. 

They were God fearing, patriotic, fun loving teens who risked their lives over and over as they fought for truth and justice. 
Without a single firearm.

So where are the Hardy Boys when we need them? Where are their parents? Don’t you know this world, and yes, this country, sure could benefit from people like the Hardys?

You know, in spite of all the problems facing this world, I believe there is a way things can be turned around so we’re heading in the right direction. 

No, I’m not planning on nominating one of the Hardy Boys for president. Though it would be nice if someone of like character was elected this November.

I’m talking about young men learning how to be real men, men of integrity and godly character, by watching their fathers, uncles, grandfathers, teachers and mentors. 

The scripture in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”(ESV), isn’t only referring to spiritual training. 

Men and women, we have our work cut out for us. But if we begin now we just might make it. 

Where are the Hardy Boys when we need them? 

They’re all around us, just waiting for someone to show some interest in them. Boys, young men, just waiting to be given the opportunity to be all God created them to be. 

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