Why Can’t We Be Nice?


Although I’m not the most eloquent of writers, and my readership is far less than your average rock star author, I have still had my share of experiences with nasty people. How about you?

Why can’t we be nice?

I mean it.

Why not?

I’ve seen various posts on Facebook, and while they may have been a bit controversial, there was nothing vulgar or demeaning. But some people seem inclined to meanness whenever they express their opinion.


I get the fact that those who are an encyclopedia of knowledge want others to become aware of their vast amounts of facts and figures. I can be that way, at times.

Whether the topic is pet grooming, picking a president, packing a weapon, or preaching a sermonette, there’s always someone who is the self appointed expert. The expert enjoys taking advantage of the obvious mental and spiritual deficiencies of the other commentators.

It’s taken me a little time, but I think I’ve learned how to recognize the experts on social media. I don’t even need to see their credentials. I can tell by the words they use.

A sample? Sure.

Experts use words like:

“Don’t you know?” “Why are you such a moron?” “Where’d you get your bible degree?” “You obviously haven’t read the book…”

And my favorite words used by experts:

“That’s stupid!” “You’re an idiot!” “I’ve never heard anything so stupid.”

I read something, somewhere, at some time, that went something like this: “Why do those who know so little, know it so loud?”

Why can’t we be nice?

The greatest, wisest man who ever walked this earth still had people clamoring to be around Him; to listen to Him teach.

If He had been as smart as some of today’s SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), NO ONE would have wanted to be anywhere near Him.

But even though He knew it all (really, He did), there was something different about Him.

He never acted like it!

The ONLY time He called someone a fool, or a snake-faced hypocrite was when He addressed those who thought they knew it all!

I’ve witnessed some of God’s “sanctified wonder boys and wonder girls” berating a non believer for not acting like a believer.


Why can’t we be nice?

Hey, although my posts haven’t reached the masses, at least I’ve reached an expert or two. So, with that in mind, I’ll keep on writing. I’ll keep trying to make a difference in my world.

A difference in the way people think, respond to the Word of God, and to each other.

And you know what? There’s absolutely no reason why we can’t be nice.

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