Our Golden Calf 

imageAaron made a golden calf. Everyone was happy, as they danced the dance of worship and celebration, lauding the golden calf as their deliverer. The one who delivered them out of Egypt.

Everyone except God, Moses, and Joshua. 

America has made, or has at least tolerated, self absorbed, egotistical politicians whom we like to laud as our savior and provider. We dance to their tunes, and raise our voices in praise to our favorite “golden calf”; the one we believe will save us from the dreaded democrats or the repulsive republicans.

We mimic their values, tout their talking points, and dare anyone to tell us we’re wrong. We will fight for our right to worship our golden calf, because that’s the american way.

And all the while God is on the mountain watching. 

Watching and grieving.

Watching, grieving, and telling His people two things.

Come out from among them and be separate. Don’t fall into the dance of idol worship.

Pray for those caught up in the hype, the razzle-dazzle, the dance.

As Moses asked the people, “Who is on the Lord’s side?“, so the Lord is asking you and I.

The Levites responded to Moses call. 

Will we respond to God’s?

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