Our North Bend Family

Situated in the middle of Ritchie County, West Virginia, amidst the hills, trees, and deer, is a wonderful State Park called North Bend.

It’s located about 5 miles west of the County Seat, Harrisville. It has a nice lake for fishing, hiking trails, campgrounds, cabins, and (I saved the best for last) the North Bend Lodge.20140427-223603.jpg

If you ever want to go to a place where you can relax or visit friends and family, for a day or for two and a half weeks, North Bend Lodge is THE place to stay.
We should know. Phyllis and I called it home six different times during the last six months.

It’s the place we stayed when we were spending time with Mom and the family during the final months and days of her life.

Mom lived in a country house about 25 miles away. Near the town of West Union, W.Va., on the Oxford Road about 4 miles from Sunnyside. We stayed at the lodge so we’d have our own space, as would the rest of the family. 20140427-223747.jpg

Is the lodge fancy? No. Homey? Quite nice and comfy.

Why did we fall in love with North Bend Lodge? The people!

The people who work at the Lodge.

Every time we needed a room, even if they technically didn’t have one available they made it work out for us. They treated us like we were special; even cried with us when talking about losing our loved one. Most people don’t care about your heartaches.

People who are family cry with you.

We were there in the fall, with all the beautiful autumn leaves waving in the breeze as if to call to everyone driving by: “Hey! Look at me! John Denver wrote his song about me!”
We stayed in the lodge both at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though the weather outside, at times, was frightful, inside was so delightful. The lobby, with its huge fireplace, comfortable leather sofas, and free wifi kept everyone comfy and warm.

Our all time favorite room is room 212. Why? I don’t know, but it is. We also like one of the mini-suites, room 119, and the huge full size suite, room 208.

There’s a real nice dining room at the lodge. I believe they have the biggest eggs in the United States. Phyllis and I split a (supposedly) three egg cheese and bacon omelet, hash browns and toast. But when the server brought our two plates out (they divided it for us) my HALF of the omelet was bigger than anything I’ve been served at Perkins or Denny’s. And, wow, was it good.
We stayed at the lodge just last week. Mom passed away on April 17th so we booked a room at the lodge. Number 212.

One day, upon returning to our room, we found a sympathy card and a little plaque on our desk. It was from the employees, our North Bend family. Handwritten on the card were condolences from at least twenty people; some we had met, and others who just wanted us to know they really cared.

It made us cry.

Our North Bend family touched our hearts.

God used them to bless our lives, to help ease the pain, to hold our hands and hearts with their above and beyond kind of hospitality.

North Bend family – thank you.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

And one of these days we’re going to take another vacation out your way, and ask a familiar question…

Is room 212 available?

In case you’re interested, here’s a link to the lodge’s website. http://www.northbendsp.com/

If you find yourself getting ready to book a room, remember two things:

1. Tell them Jan and Phyllis sent you.
2. Leave room 212 alone. It’s ours.

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