World Peace? Is It Possible?


What do you think it would take to see true peace come to the Middle East? Or is it something we should just give up on?

World Peace. Is it possible? Who has the answer? Do you?

World peace. Seems impossible to some, and an easy fix for others. I guess it depends on your world view, eh?

For instance, someone who doesn’t care about collateral damage would “bomb the hell out of the bad guys, and let God sort ’em out! They’ll soon come around to our way of thinking.”

Um, nice.

As for the Middle East, there’s a mixed bag of answers. The Palestinian would agree with those wanting to trim Israel back to the country’s pre-1967 war borders. Those are fighting words to the Israeli. Both sides, ALL sides, believe their answer is the best.

Who will broker the peace treaty of a lifetime? I have an idea. Wanna hear it? No?

What about the Bear? Can Russia be trusted to be nice and peaceful? We all know Putin is only looking out for the best interest of the Russians living in Ukraine. Absolutely.

Is it about to awaken from its
hibernation? Should they be trusted to honor their words of “peace”? Are they genuinely concerned about world opinion? I wonder what a bear in a china cabinet would look like?

Speaking of China, who will be the one to light their fuse? With one-fifth of the world’s population, we probably ought to know what makes them tick.

Don’t you wonder about all the strife and contention within our own borders? Between Canada and Mexico is a Nation of States, united in name only. States “rights” are being swallowed up by the Federal Government, which spends about 22% of all money spent in the country each year. $3.8 trillion dollars. Imagine writing a check for that amount of money. You’d have to practice, that’s for sure. It would look like: $3,800,000,000,000. To try and understand how much money that is, let’s say a rich uncle gave you that amount of money. You were told you had exactly 80 years to spend it all. In order to spend that much money, you’d have to spend over $130 million EACH and EVERY DAY! FOR EIGHTY YEARS!

There’s roughly 314 million people in the United States. That means the government spends over $12,000 per person, including every little child. Incredible. But the government is always ready to send billions of dollars to places like Russia, China, and other countries who aren’t exactly allies. Why? Humanitarianism? Maybe they don’t want to fight.

Quite frankly, I don’t either. But throwing good money after bad, as the saying goes, won’t fix anything. Our economy cannot take it much longer. The States can’t take it much longer. People can’t take it much longer.

There are “preppers” in every state, and around the world. Google “Prepper” sometime and you’ll be amazed at how many people are preparing for a worldwide catastrophe. For instance, check out this site –

The initials stand for: “Stuff” Hits The Fan Plan. That’s not exactly an acronym for a world peace organization.

People are clamoring for peace. But they’ll settle for delusion and call it peace.

The world is ripe for a world leader; someone who’ll fix everyone’s problems. Maybe you could be the one to rally the nations to throw down their arms, and unite once and for all.

Could be.

So, if you were running things what would you do to bring about world peace? Would you use “religion” to bring people together, or would you abolish religion altogether? Do you believe God has an answer for world peace? Or is he the problem?

Maybe you think the devil ought to have an opportunity to be in charge. Do you?

Some people happen to believe that God has NOT been in charge of things, though He has tried. There’s a group of people who ascribe to the idea that the devil HAS been running things, stirring up nation against nation, color against color, republican against democrat, and man against woman for about 6,000 years. Are you connected with THAT group?

I am.

Tell me what YOU’D do. No matter how bizarre or out of the box it sounds, put it down in writing. Who knows, someone may try it. You might find yourself winning a Nobel Peace Prize. Or something.

Or, you may not.

Regardless, let the world know what you would do, if YOU were running things.

Me? I’d rid the world of its hellish influence. Which, by the way, IS going to happen some day.

Yes, I see peace on the horizon. But I’m nobody’s fool. It’s not going to happen until the darkness gives way to the rising Son.

Count on it.

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