What Do You Have Against Jesus?

“What do you have against Jesus?”

“So Pilate went outside to them and said, “What accusation do you bring against this man?” They answered him, “If this man were not doing evil, we would not have delivered him over to you.” (John 18:29-30 ESV)

The evening prior to Jesus’ crucifixion, Jewish leaders brought Jesus to Pilate. Treating him worse than a common criminal, they demanded attention from Pilate. As Pilate observed the abuse, he asked them a simple question.

“What did he do?”

They answered him, “If this man were not doing evil, we would not have delivered him over to you.”

What an answer! Pilate thought so as well. He told them, “Look, take him out of here and give him the punishment he deserves. But leave me alone.”

“But we want him dead!” That got Pilate’s attention.

Pilate had never met anyone who claimed to be God. But that’s why the religious leaders were so much against their prisoner; his claims were blasphemous, they said, and he deserved to die.

However, God vindicated Jesus by raising him from the dead. Case closed.

Well, not exactly.

Nowdays, for some strange reason, people all over the world have an issue with Jesus. People who have never met him talk as though they have personally witnessed his crimes against humanity. They act like he’s some kind of war criminal, or a person who’s bilked millions out of their life savings.

People will discuss religion, God, their church, their youth group, and even the amount of money they donate to charity. But mention, even briefly, the Name of Jesus…and some of those same people become red faced, their hands begin shaking, and you just know they’re about to call 911 and have you arrested.

Why? What does the world have against Jesus?

Has he ever been on the FBI’s most wanted list? Did he ever rob a store?

He’s been misunderstood, that’s for sure.

But did he ever make a promise he didn’t keep? Did he ever violate even just one of the Ten Commandments?

Did he ever speak ugly about labor unions or endorse Walmart?

As far as I can tell, his record’s clean. If my memory serves me correctly, all he ever did was love and help people.

Well, on second thought, he has been known to associate with some pretty shady characters. Rumor has it, he even had a prostitute as a friend. He took a little boy’s lunch one day, and acted like it was his own.

Once he interrupted a funeral. He actually had the audacity to open the coffin and raise the young man from the dead. Such inconsideration! No wonder people don’t like him.

Yeah, and there’s another time he ruined a perfectly good fishing net of Peter’s. Those things aren’t cheap at all. I heard that’s why he gave Peter a position in his organization; to keep him quiet.

He let his temper get away from him one day, and in the Temple of all places!

Also, shortly after he had John baptize him in the Jordan River, he was seen walking into the desert with the devil right behind him. He seemed to hang out with seedy looking characters, that’s for sure.

He had a couple of his associates steal a donkey one time. And (this is huge) he told his body guards to buy a sword; in spite of all of the sword control laws!

Sure, a lot of people say they were helped by him, those many years ago. But what has he done for people lately?

Is there anyone who will stand up and testify on his behalf?

Reader, I ask you: “What do YOU have against Jesus? What has he done to you or your family?”

Do you care to respond?

If Jesus was on trial today, would you be a witness for the prosecution?

Or, would you rather testify for the defense?

Please comment. I’d really like to know why you either despise Jesus, or love Jesus.

Thank you.

4 responses to “What Do You Have Against Jesus?”

  1. I’m hesitant to use a bumper sticker to make my point, but I think one reads, “Lord, save us from your followers.”


    This (and the links within it) is the most scathing things I’ve ever read about JESUS himself. Note that even as he’s vehemently opposed to the idea of Jesus as the Christ, he is still reasonable and respectful. The guy that wrote it starts with the premise that even atheists look to Jesus as a great moral teacher, if not the son of God. In fact, I’d wager that most criticism of Christianity stems from christians failing to love people as Jesus commands. Jesus and the Christianity are not as mutually exclusive as you might think.

    We might not understand everything that the Bible says Jesus said and did, but I don’t think that that’s what anyone really has an issue with. It’s the hypocrisy of Christians that people have issues with. It’s pastors that preach hate instead of love. It’s the arrogance of church leaders that put themselves above reproach in order to maintain control. It’s the misrepresentation or issues, the mischaracterization of people, the intolerance, the arrogance, the oppression of the under represented, the opposition to the actual teachings of Jesus when they challenge the churches preconceived ideas that people have against CHRISTIANS. Not against Jesus.


    • I would venture to say you’re mostly right, except the evil knows Jesus is the only one who can deliver from his kingdom. So, stir up people, point out the flaws of everyone, and keep people from life.

      People aren’t near as offended when you try and talk about Buddha.


  2. Maybe people aren’t as touchy about Buddha because there isn’t as much historical baggage associated with it. How many wars were fought in Buddha’s name? How many people try to get laws passed because this is a Buddhist nation?

    From my limited understanding of Buddhism, it seems to be about the unity of everything and everyone, peace even in adversity, and forgiveness of ourselves and others. Ironically, I think that also sounds a lot like what Jesus taught. There’s just a huge disconnect between what Jesus taught and how the church talks about it and how that’s communicated to people outside of church.

    Christians do have a history of being on the outside looking in. There have been times when they have been persecuted. But it hasn’t been for over 1000 years, and certainly hasn’t taken place in America. Still, if you open up a newspaper or turn on Fox News, you won’t have to wait long before you come across a story of Christians claiming their religious freedoms are being infringed upon. Christians, especially white Christians in America, have been persecuting other people for so long, they mistake equality as religious persecution. Historically, Christians aren’t willing to extend the treatment to others what they expect for themselves.

    Again, I don’t know exactly what you mean when you claim that talking about Jesus upsets them. Are you engaging people in an appropriate way? Are you talking about Jesus, or “Jesus”. Are you using churchenese (church-speak), or using plain every day language? If addressing a practical problem, are you searching for practical solutions?

    If my car broke down and you offered to help but only said a prayer, I’d be red in the face too.

    Bears vs. Packers, 21-23. 4th qtr. Cutler is just outside of field goal range with less than a minute left to win the NFC North. Can we turn off the game because I want to talk about Jesus now?

    My point being is that I don’t know of many people (I can think of only two people off the top of my head) who will flat out refuse to talk about Jesus. But it’s not just Jesus, it’s religion in general. But for the most people, even atheists, are open to talking it. Sure, there’s the whole range of positive and effective communications that might break down and fail. You might not see eye-to-eye about pre-existing beliefs, facts, interpretations, conclusions. You might not change anybody’s mind. But that doesn’t mean that Jesus, as a topic of conversation, is off the table.


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