If I Was God For A Day


What if one morning, while sitting at your breakfast table munching on a bowl of Cheerios, your doorbell rings. You rise, walk to the front door, and peak through the peephole to see who it is.

“It’s God!”, you gasp, as you pick yourself up from the floor.

Nervously, you open the door and ask him in. “Please, have a seat”, you offer, barely above a whisper.

As he sits, you find the closest chair and fall into it. You think to yourself, “What in the world could he want with me?”

As if he heard you he says, “I’ve decided to stay at your house today; gonna have myself a little vacation. While I’m here, I want you to do my job. You are now ‘God for the Day.’ “


I ask you, what would YOU do if you were God for the day? And what would I do?

Well, let’s see…

Alright. Here goes.

I’d make the Russian troops go back to where they belong. I’d force the terrorists to turn in their bombs, and stop trying to settle grievances by killing innocent children. I’d make Hollywood quit acting like the world’s savior, and I would help the Boy Scouts be prepared.

I’d find a home for every homeless person, and give a “welcome home, thanks for serving”, to every Vietnam Vet. I would remove the Ten Commandments from each and every public place and weave them into the fabric of each person’s heart.

I would encourage the single mother, and care for her children. I’d be a father to the fatherless, and a very present help in a time of trouble. I would lift up the fallen, rebuke the proud, punish the thief, and release those trapped in any and every kind of slavery. I would drop the hammer on deadbeat dads, and reconcile each heart with their children’s hearts.

I would end divorce, pornography, child abuse, domestic violence, and TV shows that portray fathers as boobs and idiots.

I’d bring back the true meaning of the rainbow, and once again reclaim the word “gay”.

I’d speak of Heaven as if it’s something to look forward to, and describe Hell’s flames as something to shun.

I would open up the floodgates of Heaven, inundating the faithful with showers of blessing.

The hungry I would fill. The proud? I don’t know them. I can’t reach them.

I would love the unlovely, the lovely, the perverted and the bible banger. I’d love them enough to tell them the truth. My goodness would draw them to repentance.

If I was God for the day.

I’d let the politicians know how to fix their problems. I’d show them how to have affordable healthcare, based on my 40 year study back when Moses was the leader. I would show Washington how to really be a liberal, without bankrupting the nation.

I’d stop all killing.

I would listen to everyone’s problems and concerns. I would be slow to anger.

I would make our schools safe, by personally walking each and every hallway; if I could get in the building, that is.

I would end the hostility one nation has against another.

I’d make nations beat their swords into plows, and spears into pruning hooks. I’d introduce the lion to the lamb, and they’d dwell together peacefully.

Rebellion, witchcraft, illegal drug usage, and gluttony I’d remove from the heart of man. Worry I would replace with faith, terror and fear would be forced to turn over their house keys to my peace.

My church would quit fighting amongst themselves.

If I was God for the day.

Yes, things would definitely be different.

Until someone made me mad.

If someone wouldn’t follow my instructions, or look to me for wisdom. If people mocked me, ignored me, cussed me, blamed me for something I didn’t do, or gave someone else the credit I deserved. If the hungry rejected the bread I brought them, or complained of thirst while my living water was within arms reach.

Then, I’m afraid I’d lose it.

If the academia stood in their classrooms and read my obituary, I’d probably not be silent. To hear someone pronounce you dead; well, I just can’t tell you how it would make me feel. It would be almost as bad as people thinking you’ve never even existed!

It would probably send me over the edge. You know?

I’m liable to say something back at the person who just asked me to damn something. Something like, “Be damned, your own self.”

I’d be tempted to burn up someone with a lightning bolt…I just don’t handle rejection all that well.

And if I saw someone mistreat one of my little ones, or act as though life wasn’t important, I’d probably regret my actions, the next day.

When I was no longer God for the day.

No, there’s too much of the old me lurking about to allow me to be God, even for only a day. In fact, none of us would be very good at it. We are all much too caught up with our needs and desires to be trusted with all of God’s power.

Besides, God, even with all he knows and is capable of doing, can’t seem to do all of those things I said I’d do; if I was God for the day.

Nope, better count me out, as well as every other human being living on planet earth.

We have a hard enough time letting God be God.

So, what would YOU do if God made YOU God for the day? Would you change anything? Would you help others, or fix the Lottery so you’d win the $257 million prize?

Thanks for commenting…

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