My Friend


Like you, God has blessed me with a lot of friends. Yes, I enjoy our Facebook friends and the comments we share with each other, but the friends I’m referring to are more than social acquaintances. The friends I’m talking about are people I’m comfortable being with, regardless of whether I’m having a good day or a bad one; or whether their day is good or bad. There’s just something about a good friend.

Of course, there are different degrees of friendship; long time friends, and friends you’ve just met. Then, there are those you just met but seem to have known forever.

Fishing friends, game playing friends, musician friends, work friends, church friends, and friends of the family. Military friends, neighborhood friends, going out to eat friends, and odd friends.

High school friends, trouble making friends, and best friends for ever and ever.

I’m blessed to have friends in every category I mentioned; friends who have been at my side when I needed them most. Friends who, in one way or another, came to my aid when I’ve been down for the count.

Friends don’t always know what to say; but that’s when their actions speak what words can never say.

“You’re important to me. I care what happens to you because I care about you. Nothing is more important to me at this moment, than you.” The unspoken love of a friend speaks volumes with just their presence.

But there’s a friendship like no other. And really, I’m not preaching about God’s friendship. To me, that’s a given; and I try to not take it lightly.

I’m referring to the bond of friendship between a husband and wife. Sure, marriage isn’t always bliss; it’s sometimes messy and frustrating. But aren’t most relationships like that? The reason other friendships don’t have the amount of tough moments like marriage is because you don’t spend the amount of time with normal friends like you do with your spouse.

My wife sees me in my “holy and spiritual moments.” When I’m God’s man of faith and power! But she also knows the other side of me; when I’m frightened and doubting, hurting and envious. Those are intimate times, where knowledge, care, and loyalty are mobilized to carry the day.

She sees me before I wash what hair I have left, and loves me any way. When I’m not sure what to do with the rest of my life, or even on a particular day, she’s at my side encouraging and loving; just like a friend.

My best friend!

We’ve grown up together, and still have some growing to do. Together.

We’ve had 42 years together. Some rotten times, mostly good times. Uncertain times, times with little and times with more. 42 years of history. History which includes funny moments, tearful, heart wrenching experiences, and a lot of time sitting in the living room watching Andy Griffith and Barney Fife.

42 years of knowing each other, not just physically, but intimately. And the thing which blows me away… she’s still my best friend.

Marriage is much more than romance. It’s about a commitment to, not just the marriage vows, but to a deep, lasting, and ever growing friendship.

At least it is to me.

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