Ready to Worship

What does it take to get you ready to worship? Is it even possible? Does someone need to wind you up like a toy car, or beat you with a “worship whip” until you’re all bruised and sore – before you decide to let your heart, soul, and body express its need and desire for God?

I just heard a song, “O the Blood” by Thomas and Mary Beth Miller, sung by Kari Jobe, for the first time.

It’s been out and about for a few years, and I don’t know how I missed hearing it; but it’s very hard to keep up with the latest stuff. In fact, I don’t even try any more.

A lot of the new stuff leaves me a bit disappointed. I realize that’s my opinion, and maybe it’s because of my age. Oh, I like most of the instrumentation. I still like to “rock out” at times. Ram and Jam! But the lyrics sometimes seem too “me” oriented; so fluffy and trite. It’s like the song was written for commercial use, rather than an intimate meeting with the Lover of our Soul.

But this song grabbed my heart!

O, the Blood of Jesus washes me! My heart resonates with those words. Listening to it reminded me of tuning a guitar; playing two strings and matching the notes until there is no extra vibration. When only one note is finally heard, the strings are perfectly tuned. This is how the song affected me; its “frequency” matched my heart’s frequency, and worship began to flow out of me to my Savior, my God. Wow!

There are so many reasons to worship God, and so many songs to sing. Eternity won’t be long enough for us to express to our Savior the worship He is due.

And there’s no way 30 minutes of worship a week will satisfy the Lord, or our heart.

Scripture says to be ready in season and out. Be ready for what? Well, it says be ready to “to preach the Word.”

But there’s something else we should be ready to do, in season and out.

Worship. Ready to worship! Let our hearts cry out to God in worship, love, and faith.

“Let the godly sing for joy to the Lord; it is fitting for the pure to praise him.” Psalms 33:1 (NLT)

4 responses to “Ready to Worship”

  1. thank you for encouraging us in worship….drawing closer to Jesus in worship brings contentment beyond words…his love draws us near.


  2. What great thoughts on worship! Yes, we agree that many times worship is all about “me.” We loved your “frequency” analogy as well! We have a ministry (and TV show) called Echoing Praise. We hope you’ll stop by and visit us on We’d love to hear some of your thoughts on our worship songs/dances/illustrations. In the meantime, keep sharing these awesome blog posts! Blessings, Misty & Kristy


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