Staggering Saints?


Is the problem Staggering Saints or Intoxicated Faith?

I recently read an article explaining why Christians shouldn’t drink alcohol. The main premise was drinking may cause others to stumble in their faith walk.

Is it barely possible that Christians who drink alcohol are stumbling in THEIR faith walk? Or would that be “staggering“?

Let’s think about this for a moment. The Bible instructs the reader about consuming alcoholic beverages. It has a number of warnings against, but maybe one isolated instance of Paul instructing Timothy to drink a little wine for his frequent stomach problems.

Today’s society, Christians included, must have an awful lot of stomach problems.

One person commented with words to this affect: well, maybe Christians should drink alone, at home in a closet so no one sees them; that way others won’t stumble.

If the need for booze is so great they have to hide in a closet to consume the stuff, could it possibly indicate a bigger issue?

“But Jesus turned water into wine”. Well, then it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for Him to do it again, right?

How about it if Christians only drank miracle wine?

It would save them lots of money, plus they’d be guaranteed to get the good stuff!

And, honestly now; wine really isn’t the drink of choice for most Christians. Right? Beer, whiskey, vodka, and bourbon seem to be on their menu, much more than wine.

What frequent ailment do those drinks help?

I realize I haven’t posted any scriptures with this diatribe. Sorry. Please leave a comment asking for some about drinking and I’ll gladly reply with a list.

I will say this, though. Almost every time alcohol is mentioned in the Bible, there is something negative associated with it.

The Word of God is VERY clear about drunkeness. It is also VERY clear about the “party spirit” that is so prevalent in our society!

Drunk or just on the edge? Does it matter?

Why is there such a need to consume alcoholic beverages?Does alcohol stir one’s heart to seek the Lord, give to the poor, take care of the orphan and widow? Or is drinking primarily about feeling the buzz?

So what is YOUR opinion about Christians and alcohol?

What does YOUR heart believe?

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