The Important One

20130711-222734.jpgOnce upon a time there lived a guy who just knew he was something special. After all, he had gifts and abilities far beyond those of his friends, acquaintances, and even his enemies.

With one exception. But that really didn’t matter, as long as all the others knew how important he was.

Important. Yes, that’s what he was. Important! The way he figured it, there wasn’t anyone more important. All focus should be towards him. All conversation should be about him and his worth; his importance. In fact, the whole universe should revolve around him, because in his mind, it already did.

Little by little his self-importance grew, like a weed in a bed of flowers. He could no longer concentrate on using his gifts and abilities as they were designed; he began using them to showcase his position, his power, and of course, his importance. The team concept he’d been part of for years gave way to a “I’m doing things my way, now” kind of attitude.

There were some associates of his who thought he was an egotistical nut! They began to separate themselves from his maniacal manners and his constant bragging. Just to listen to him one would have thought he was the creator and sustainer of Heaven and Earth! No, they just couldn’t take him any longer. They’d had enough.

Yet there were others who agreed, at least outwardly, with the guy. He was great, very important, and should be listened to. His plans should be implemented, not tossed aside. Sure, he’s full of himself. But aren’t all great people? Yes, it’s true, he loved himself more than anything or anyone else. But you’ve got to look out for number one! So while the majority of his friends and associates walked away leaving him to bask in his own selfish glory, there were some who began to champion his cause.

The cause? Make everyone agree with the important one’s worth! To honor him, even exalt him as the one worthy of all worth-ship. The mightiest of all! The most beautiful, most gifted and anointed one.

However, there was the One exception, the One who really was greater than any other. He brought the important one into His office and asked him about the rumors He’d heard. The important one just looked at Him, placed his hands on his hips, curled his lip and said with a smirk, “Old man, your time is up. You’ve lost a step or two and can’t keep up. I’ve been running things for a long time, and have all authority and power. Everything but your chair! Well, now I’m taking that! I will do what you do, only better. I will say what you say, think what you think, create what you create; all you can do I will do, only better, faster, wiser. And I alone will be the important one. I will be above all!”

Well, as you may remember, that little “coup d’etat” failed before it ever got started. It takes more than being convinced of your own self-importance to actually sit in the seat of The Most Important One. But though the rebellion failed, the spirit of the “important one” is running rampant throughout this world. Maybe it’s even affected you.

Everyone will either live to sell their “importance” to all who will listen, or they will humble themselves under the hand of the Most Important One. Those who are convinced they have no reason to “bend their knee” to anyone, will someday experience that very thing. “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11 NLT)

It is an amazing thing to think about; the way to have true importance is to yield one’s life to the One Who is truly God! The One Who calls, equips, and anoints. The One Who really makes you “special.”

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.” (James 4:10 NLT)

What will you do?

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