Addendum to “Shuffling the Saints”

20130705-221556.jpgIn my last post, I mentioned several reasons why I believe people shuffle from church to church. I’ve seen it happen a lot, as a pastor, and I see it in scripture.

However, I must admit I left out a few important details.

One – I do not know everything! I’m not God, and never will be. I am not the judge of people’s motives, nor the sole keeper of the Church. Jesus alone has that authority and position.

Two – Sometimes people change churches because of doctrinal issues. As scripture indicates, in the last days there will be those who depart from the faith. This includes church leaders. Or rather, it can include them. Christians who notice their church “sliding” from truth may decide to move on.

Three – People move to a new location. Kind of hard to commute 200 miles…

Four – God actually tells them to leave, and join themselves to another fellowship. Yep, that actually happens.

Finally, I just want to say I love the Church! I only want to see it be what God intended for it to be; His Glorious Church Triumphant!

Sorry if the last post may have sounded a bit harsh or judgmental. Not my idea at all.


2 responses to “Addendum to “Shuffling the Saints””

  1. Sometimes a church doesn’t feel like “home” . I have been attending the same church for nearly 2 years. Happens to be the church I grew up in but for many reasons I stopped attending several years ago. I once knew every single person in that church now I know very few. Doesn’t feel the same to me but I love the pastors so I tend to overlook the rest.


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