How May We Help You?

helping leaders

How May We Help You?

You are a leader!

A leader of men and women, boys and girls. A leader for God in His Kingdom on Earth, and in the future, Heaven. You have heard the call of God and have sensed His anointing and His direction.

You are a leader!

You’re passionate about what you know and believe. Your heart is for God and all the things He loves. You hunger to see people of all ages and ethnicities come into His kingdom. You pray for the lost, for laborers, and for wisdom and revelation from the Spirit of God.

You are a leader!

Caring for those around you, mentoring and discipling new believers, ministering love and grace to the broken; that’s what you do. Restoring the fallen, encouraging the downtrodden, and weeping with those who grieve; that’s your calling, not your occupation.

You are a leader!

Whether anyone follows or not, you are a leader! Though some may violate you with slander, gossip, and even physical attacks, you are a leader! You know your course, you have His Word, you live by faith, and have hope as an anchor for your soul.

You are a leader!

You seek God for the right word and the “now” timing where Heaven and Earth connect and lives are eternally changed. You believe God calls, sends, and anoints people for specific places and seasons, to join in the work of the Kingdom of God and the local church.

You are a leader!

You believe God. You preach God. You love God. You know God.

And I honor you.

So, how may we help you?

How can my wife and I come alongside you and what God is doing in your area; and lend a helping hand? God has anointed us to help others in different ways. Preaching and demonstrating encouragement, leading people in worship and mentoring worship leaders and teams.

How may we help you?

We believe God wants to do something great through you! Something greater than you or I can even imagine. We believe He is able to do exceeding, abundantly, above all we ask or even think!

So, how may we help you?

We’ve been in the pastoral trenches for 18 total years. We understand the dynamics between pioneering a church and pastoring an established work. We know the struggles of pastoring a church while working full time outside the church, as well as the different issues a “full-time” pastor experiences.

How may we help you?

We know the pain of failure and the joy of restoration. We’ve witnessed the attacks of the evil one and the victory that comes from Jesus, and His Church. We have spent hours listening to the hurts, and to the dreams, of leaders just like you. We don’t have any magic answers, but we do have time to listen.

So, how may we help you?

You are a leader! May we come alongside you and help?

We would love to!

You may contact us by replying to this message. Or you may use Facebook messaging.

2 responses to “How May We Help You?”

  1. I read this and again thank God thank you guys are in our lives and church! Your hearts to help are real and wow are we lucky:) Today I want to take you up on that offer and ask for your help in prayer first of all for the youth ministry. During our spring break please pray that God would give me clear vision and direction on our next quarter. Prayer for growth not for numbers sake alone but there are teens in my youth group that need a friend and I’m praying God bring them into our lives. I also want growth in the area of the students that don’t know The Lord and are hurting! They surround the students I already have in their schools and those hurting kids need a friend that cares enough to invite them into their church and lives. Secondly, I know you’re all over the place when you minister so send good ideas my way:)


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