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What Encourages YOU?


I’m taking a survey. I’m wondering what things encourage you?

What lifts you when you’re down?

What gives you courage to face the unfaceable?

How do you find strength to do the impossible?

What gets you off the bench of self-pity and back into the game of life?

What is the adrenalin for your soul? A word spoken by a real friend, a helping hand when your two aren’t enough?

Do you prefer a note, letter, email, or phone call from a friend?

Does God ever encourage you? How?

When you’ve “drawn the blinds” to your world, put your phone on silent, and placed yourself on the island of Me-Only, what brings you back to the land called Life?

How do you tell the difference between pity and encouragement?

When you find yourself stumbling through the valley of the shadow of death, what gets you through?

We may think we’ve encouraged someone (we feel good), but may have totally missed the mark. So this question isn’t “how do you encourage others?”

No, the question is…

What encourages YOU?

Thanks for replying!

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