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The Adultery Test For Preachers


There are a lot of quizzes out there in social media land. Here’s one that’s a bit different.

The Adultery Test For Preachers

Eight questions to help you see if you’re headed for the demon-filled, barren land of adultery.

1. Do you roll your eyes with disgust when you hear of a preacher who was caught in adultery?

2. Do you believe you are so strong in the Lord you can ignore certain bright red flags, or a suggestion from your spouse that a certain person seems a bit too friendly?

3. Do you think you can enjoy the special attention of a parishioner, maybe a few extra long glances, possibly a little innocent flirting, without the tentacles of emotional adultery dropping you to the ground?

4. Do you like to feel so important and indispensable to God’s Kingdom, you live loosely and recklessly, in spite of the warnings of the scriptures?

5. Do you try and look your best in front of everyone; everyone but the ones who care for you the most? In other words, who are you REALLY trying to impress?

6. Do you study all the sermons of the late, great preachers, but ignore the lessons to be learned from someone who’s failed?

7. Do you put all your resources into targeting certain demographic groups, while ignoring the target the devil has placed on your own heart?

8. Are you able to ignore the words of Jesus, “Watch out! You’re getting too far from Me”?

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