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Rick Stratton – Alive Forever!


I’ve been thinking about something lately; well, for the last couple of days. A friend of ours, a preacher named Rick Stratton, went to Heaven when his body just wouldn’t function any longer.

Rick is quite a guy. We met him when he was a traveling evangelist. He was preaching for a pastor friend of mine so I went to hear Rick preach. Powerful word, good singing; and I think he blew all the finish off that horn of his. Our friendship began that evening and has lasted for over 25 years!

I don’t remember how many times Rick preached for me, but I know it was a lot. And there’d be times when he was just passing through that he’d stop in and visit a few hours. Always a delight to have around.

He loves music, and I can still hear him singing that old Rusty Goodman song, “Who am I?” I imagine he’s doing a lot of singing now; that great, booming voice of his can probably be heard clear across Heaven! He’s crossed the chilly Jordan, and is camping in Canaan’s happy land!

I know something about Rick that many preachers don’t, or are too embarrassed to mention.

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