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You Have Free Speech!


Free Speech. THE HOTTEST TOPIC in quite awhile.

But speech has always been free! Sure, there may be consequences from what is said, but anyone and everyone can freely say what they want.

Phil Robertson said what he wanted to say, in regards to homosexuality and sin in general. No one put a gun to his head before or after he spoke. Sure, he lost his job. He’d probably rather duck hunt, anyway. But he freely said what he wanted to say. And I applaud him.

I understand the First Amendment is part of our United States of America’s Bill of Rights. It gives each and every American the right to free speech. But the government can’t give you what God has already given every human being. They also can’t take away something they couldn’t give in the first place.

Free speech, like it or not, doesn’t mean people can say what they want without the risk of consequences.

Believe it or not, not everyone is going to love what you have to say!

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