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20131125-194711.jpgWhat a game! Did you see it? I’m referring to the Broncos/Patriots game last night. Wow!

I must say, I was hoping the Broncos would win. And at halftime, with the score 24-0 in favor of Denver, I was tempted to shut the TV off and read a book.

I would have missed quite the show!

I wonder what Coach Belichick told his Patriots in the locker room?

Patriots scored their first possession in the second half, and eventually led Denver 31-24. Finally, with only 3:06 left in regular time, Denver scored a TD, tying the game.

Overtime was interesting, as well. It looked as though Denver would score early. They had first possession because Belichick declined it, choosing to opt for playing with the wind rather than against it. But, no score by either team for about the first 13 minutes of OT.

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