Insurrection Is NOT The Answer

Insurrection is messy business, but it seems like that is soon to be a viable option in the minds of a number of American citizens. No matter how this election ends, the “losing” side will undoubtedly demand payback.

I was reading about Jesus’ betrayal, His arrest, trial, and the subsequent offer by Pilate to let Him go. Pilate knew it was the right thing to do. He knew the religious folks of the day didn’t like Jesus and had delivered Him up because of envy. They were expecting him to do something they wanted to do but didn’t have the authority to do. They wanted Jesus out of their lives for good.

They wanted Him dead.

That’s why the religious leaders voted for Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus. Even though Barabbas was an insurrectionist and murderer, because of their distorted view of right and wrong (due to their hearts and minds being filled with envy), they chose to side with lawlessness rather than do the right thing.

Envy is only one of many spiritual forces that have a way of distorting a person’s ability to make good decisions. Fear, worry, hatred, pride, bitterness, and rebellion are some of the other forces that can get us all confused.

Barabbas was probably a great guy. He loved his country and its history. He wanted Israel to be great, living up to the ancient promises God had given to the children of Abraham. But somewhere along the way he let himself believe the lie that unless he took matters into his own hands, God would not be able to change things.

And I’m sure he believed it was the right thing to do.

I’m praying that the people of this nation don’t let their strong beliefs and opinions deceive them into acting in an evil manner. Insurrection is not a good alternative to having four more years of either candidate.

In other words, America CAN make it another four years (despite the rhetoric) regardless of who’s president.

But I’m not nearly as hopeful if insurrection becomes the means of change.

Church, if you have ever wanted to act like salt and light, now is the time to be seen and heard. Let the nation hear your voice about turning to the Living God Who Alone can bring about the needed change.

Don’t act like some giddy teenybopper fawning over their teenage idol (that’s what some of these candidate supporters remind me of).

Drop your Biden and Trump signs, pick up the American flag and Bible, and do something good for the nation AND every citizen, every illegal immigrant, and every future baby.

If we don’t start leading the way to some sort of civility, we’re going to have a real mess.

And those who won’t lead will certainly be the followers.

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