The Smile 

Toothy or toothless,
Faint or recognizable from miles away,

The Smile.

Silent or audible, youthful or well defined through age,

The Smile.

It speaks, soothes, invites, supports, and can help sustain one’s soul through otherwise debilitating situations.

It welcomes others into its space, its territory, even in a crowded room.

The Smile.

It says, “You’re okay, and I hope the best for you.”

Everyone can Smile.

Even the one whose face has been paralyzed due to an accident or illness can Smile in their heart, unless their heart is paralyzed.

The Smile reveals a person’s heart.

The Smile.

One of the simplest ways to encourage, and be encouraged.

The Smile.

Medicine for the soul, an embracing arm around the shoulder.

The Smile.

Ready and willing to run the risk of disappointment, the Smile opens the door to reconciliation and restoration.

God created the Smile. 

Hope revealed in the flesh.

Born of the Virgin Mary.

Christ the Savior.

The Smile.

Merry Christmas!

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