The Start Of Something Wonderfully New

Early morning @ Little Boy Lake
Early morning @ Little Boy Lake

There’s an encouraging word resonating deep within my spirit; one I hope can makes its way to the blogosphere.

Every day, every moment, is the start of something wonderfully new with God.

Encouraging? How?

God doesn’t get bored with me. Or you.

Remember, He’s the One Whose mercies and compassions are unfailing; they are new every morning.

He’s the One Who makes all things new, whether it’s a new Heaven and earth, a new creation, a new opportunity, or a second chance.

He is always doing something wonderfully new.


You’re never too young or old to experience His new beginnings. And even if you think you’ve seen it all, pay close attention. You haven’t seen anything yet.

I was wondering how I could “sing unto the Lord a new song”, when He’s heard it all before and my vocabulary is so extremely limited.

I sensed Him speak to my heart, “I treat it as something new and fresh, when it comes from your heart.”


Which tells me how I should receive the words He speaks to me; as something new and fresh.

Walking each day with the One and Only Almighty God is the experience of a lifetime – every day. It’s new, wonderfully new and fresh, when I allow my heart to rule over my mind and flesh. As I yield to the Spirit’s voice, rather than my own feelings and ideas.

He Who has promised to faithfully complete what He began in my life some 40 years ago, has promised to do so in an amazing way; one only He could possibly accomplish.

There have been multiple times when I have felt burnt out, overlooked, too old for the “good ministry positions”, and out of sync with life. The Kingdom has seemed far off rather than near. I’ve wanted to run and hide, and not be bothered with anything while I wait for Heaven.

But as He encourages me to not quit because my labor isn’t in vain, He also reminds me that I “ain’t seen nothing yet”!

Regardless of how many things He’s already done in and through my life, He’s always in the process of starting something new.

Something wonderfully new.

And the same goes for YOU.

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