If I Were To Pastor Again…


I’ve been a Christian for over forty years. I received Jesus as the Savior of my soul, and Lord of my life back in August of 1975.

I’ve been in Christian ministry, as a credentialed minister, for almost thirty five years. Pastoral ministry for about eighteen years, as well as worship leading and various teaching/preaching responsibilities.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the pastoral side of ministry.

I have been privileged to sit under the leadership of some great pastors. Here’s some things I have learned and seen modeled along the way.

1. Build the church/ministry upon the personality of Christ, and Christ alone. My smile and encouraging words are important, but should never be more important than God’s words, plans, disciplines, or His Church as a whole.
I will not stay around forever. God will. I am not infallible. God is.

2. Help others find their gifts, callings, and anointing; discovering how they fit in the Body of Christ.

3. Let people practice their calling without fear of failing.

4. Focus on the Kingdom of God, and declare/model the many different ways the Kingdom should affect society.

5. Model unity, and teach how to keep unity in an unrelenting manner.

6. Teach by precept and example how to protect one’s life and ministry from wolves who desire to enter into the fold and wreak havoc among the brethren.

7. Pray more, talk less.

8. Listen to my ministry/life partner-my wife. God speaks to her and through her, also.

9. Build friendships outside the borders of the “ministry”, as a well as with those within.

10. Ask more questions and learn the stories of others. Earn the right to speak into someone’s life.

There’s probably more but this list will suffice for now. It will keep me busy as I think of others.

Even if I’m not a lead pastor or head of a specific ministry, I can still focus on those ten things. 

After all, I’m in a kingdom which I did not start, is far greater than I know or even imagine, and is in need of every person in the kingdom doing their part.

That’s what I’m attempting to do.

How about you?

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