Let’s give God half a chance!


Many people think our rights as Christians will be dismantled if a certain person gets elected president. 

Others are worried that Christianity itself is in jeopardy.

Really? Since when?

Ever since the resurrection of Jesus, the Church has weathered years and years of tumultuous times, from insane rulers to compromising church leaders. But God has always had a remnant of believers He could count on to carry His message of truth to the next generation.

And it’s the same today.

God is not ceding His power and authority to any man, woman, or devil. Regardless of who’s in charge, God’s truth shall prevail.

If Christianity is outlawed, so be it. We who are Christ followers have sold out to Jesus, not the ways of the world.

If we can no longer claim charitable donations as a tax exemption, so be it. Our heart is for God and His kingdom purposes; that’s why we give.

If we can no longer preach against homosexuality or abortion…if we’re incarcerated for “hate speech”…if we are hunted down like mass murderers because we declare Jesus as the only way to the Father…

…then so be it.

God will not be overpowered, undersold, or outmaneuvered.

His plans and purposes may not be understood, but they’ll never be outplayed.

And we can enjoy the victory along with Him if we’ll simply give Him half a chance to work in our lives.

So in spite of all the fearful rhetoric being tossed about by many well meaning believers, we should be excited to see what God will do next.

After all, He’s the One Who raised Lazarus from that stinky old tomb after he’d been in it four days.

Just think what He could do if we believers gave Him half a chance…

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