When no one seems to notice…


I watched a little three year old playing in the “corn crib” with other kids. 

The corn crib is a play area for little kids; a blocked in place filled with dried corn approximately six inches deep.

The bigger ones were standing on the surrounding hay bales, counting to three, then jumping over the little board into the play area.

The little girl, wanting to be like the bigger ones, tried and tried to stand on the hay, jump four inches over the board, and into the crib.

But she kept slipping; and ending up sitting on the hay.

Finally, after about twenty minutes, she was able to balance herself on the board.

As she held out her arms as if she was an Olympic diver, she yelled, “1-2-3”, and jumped.

No fanfare, no applause. There was absolutely no notice by the other kids, or any of the parents sitting nearby.

Her actions were completely unnoticed by everyone else. But she knew what she had accomplished.

And so did I.

Did that bother her? Apparently not. She just went on about her business; playing and jumping.

As I reflected on what I had witnessed, I got to thinking of the times I’m disappointed when people don’t notice my feats of daringdo, or my personal achievements.

It’s like I’m invisible to everyone. Unnoticed by all the world.

Maybe I need to stop worrying about whether people notice me or not. Perhaps I should be like the little girl and carry on with life.

No applause? No recognition? No accolades? No one cares about the “life-changing” books I write?

No problem.

Life doesn’t stop because people aren’t aware of me.

God didn’t call me, or you, to build an audience or a tribe.

He called us to live. To do. And not stop.


“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever…” (Psalm 138:8 ESV)

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