The One Second Rule

“Wait a second!”

Have you ever considered just how long a second is? Or how much can be accomplished, either good or bad, within the little bit of time we call a second?

For example, if you travel at the moderate speed of 60 miles an hour, or a mile a minute, in one second you’ll travel 88 feet. Though it may not seem like a long distance, imagine what could happen if you fell asleep for a second or two.

Why am I writing about seconds?

For one reason; men (and women) can find themselves in real trouble if they let their thoughts run wild for a second or two.

The experts say humans think somewhere around 60-80,000 thoughts per day. Somewhat close to a thought per second. And if we would consider the role our eyes play in how and what we think, our thoughts may spike to as many as 5-10 thoughts a second!

Especially a man’s thoughts. 

When his eyes catch sight of a pretty woman.

That’s why I’d like to introduce my “One Second Rule” to men everywhere. 

Here’s how simple, yet powerful, it is.

Let’s say you’re walking in the mall, or anywhere there are people. You’re minding your own business, thinking thoughts your wife, daughter, or mother would sanction.

All of a sudden, without any warning, some cute little thing rushes past you, bouncing in all the right places. You can’t help but notice.

Really, you can’t help it.

But you are ready for it. Instinctively you count to yourself, “One-thousand-one”.

Out loud if necessary.

After one second, your mind shifts to a different direction. Your mind says, “Yep, one second isn’t very long. Now I can get back to living my life.”

I would venture to say if you’ll practice the one second rule, you’ll find yourself not even taking the whole time to retrieve your thoughts.

If you’ll train your thoughts, you’ll have an easier time training the rest of your body.

Which means you won’t spend time wondering if a person is trying to signal you with their body language, or a special gleam in their eye.

Remember, a lot can happen in a second.

Make sure you use your second for good. 

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