Terminated Dreams


I really can’t tell you how old I am. I only know my heart began beating not too long ago. 

And though I’m not very big; hardly the size of a man’s fist, I’m very much alive. 

Each day I grow a little bigger, develop a new organ, and feel myself gaining strength; my very tiny muscles taking shape. 

It’s dark in here, of course, but I have the light of life. “The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world” (John 1:9 ESV). My Creator has assured me of a plan and a purpose. I don’t understand what that means, but I can sense in my tiny heart that it’s good.

A few days ago I heard my mother for the first time. I could feel the vibrations created by her voice, and it made me move with excitement. I can hardly wait to see her face to face. 

I wonder what it’s like, outside of my watery cocoon. 

I’m comforted by the quiet, peaceful sounding voice of my mother. Sometimes I can hear her singing; I love it when she sings. 

Someday I’ll be able to sing with her. 

The Creator spoke to me yesterday and said I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Every part of me is formed on purpose, for a purpose. Even my height, which isn’t much yet, has been determined by God. 

Someday I’ll be able to stand tall, with my hands lifted high, and sing praise to my Creator. 

Maybe my mother will join me. 

Yes, I can hardly wait. Just another four months, I think I heard someone say. Four months until I’m able to look into my mother’s eyes. 

As I said, I don’t understand these things. Like the way my mother and I share the same food, but we have different stomachs. Her blood was stored for the time God needed it to create me, yet we now each have our own blood supply and possibly, blood type. 

My mother must really love me, to go through so much just to bring me into the world. 

What?! What’s that smell? Why are my eyes, skin, and lips burning as if they’re on fire? I feel like my skin is melting.  

I can’t move my arms and legs. Something has grabbed me and is pulling me apart! 

Mommy…! Help meeeeeee…!

I hear my Creator God say, “Come to Me. I will receive you and you shall live.”

(Over 700,000 terminated dreams take place in our nation every year.) 

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