Presidential Candidates: Iowans Will Remember Your Words


We Iowans have so appreciated the weeks and weeks you’ve spent in our wonderful state, allowing us to hear up close and personal all the wonderful things you will do for our nation, and our local communities, when you’re elected to the highest office in our beloved country. 

You tell us, over and over, just how wonderful you are, especially compared to the other candidates, and the sitting president. 

That’s nice. We’re all glad you feel that passionate about it, otherwise we wouldn’t give you more than a “candidate who?” shrug of our collective shoulders. 

But presidential candidate: just because we’re Iowans doesn’t mean we’re backwards, stupid, or forgetful. And though we don’t demand a lot of the things the west and east coast states might, we are very serious about one thing. 

Don’t lie to us.

Don’t give us your cheap rhetoric. You can bounce it all around the country, but it won’t buy you votes here. 

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and swear to your own hurt. If you said it, then do it, even if it’s impossible. If you think you may run into problems along the way, you best not make the cheap promises. If you forgot you said it, you’d better own up to it. 

Iowans don’t like liars; no matter what our political persuasion may be. We’re forgiving to a point, but don’t push us. We expect people to own their words, not just say them. 

So don’t even go there. 

In other words, don’t tell us what your opponent won’t do. Hearing how rotten they are doesn’t fix anything; even if what you say is true. 

Tell us what YOU will do, honestly and without a bunch of left over bull. What will YOU do, even if you have to do it all by yourself. What will YOU do if we trust you with our vote?

We’ve been lied to before and like I said, we don’t forget. A few years back there were some judges who thought the Iowa voters were stupid and forgetful. 

They’re no longer judges.

If you say you’re going to build a wall along the southern border of the country, and make Mexico pay for it, then have at it. 

But it’d better get done, if you’ve got to grab a hammer and some nails and build it yourself.

Those of you promising to take out ISIS, rebuild the military, and leap tall buildings in a single bound; cool. We’ll cheer you on! 

But again, you’d best get it done. 

Maybe you don’t know us very well, but we’re tired of the shoddy way politicians like to treat us in Iowa. You campaign here, but your heart is in other states with greater opportunities for support and electoral votes. At least that’s how it’s been far too often. 

Well, we understand it’s a great big country, and you have a lot to do in such a short time. We’ll cut you the necessary slack if you’ll do the one thing we ask. 

Uh, demand. 

Tell us the truth. Good, bad, or ugly. The truth. 

So please pay close attention to what’s flying out of your mouth, dear candidate. 

Because we are. And we won’t forget your words.

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