A Merry Walmart Christmas 

Christmas Day is historically a day with many ups and downs. Gifts and guilt. Food and foolish behavior. Disappointments and disgusting manners. Family members and frozen receptions.

That’s why I’m suggesting something which may help you make it through the day. 

You see, people have Christmas blues, or grays if you prefer, mainly because of unmet expectations. So…

Ta-da! Here’s an idea for something different this year. A little variation of the normal Christmas routine.

Why not have yourself a merry Walmart Christmas? 

Go to your local Walmart and spend your Christmas shopping money on yourself! So what if your loved ones don’t get anything! Who cares what people may think of you!

As long as you get what you want!

Sure, it’s better to give than receive. But what about wanting something so much, only to be heartbroken after December 25th?

You can still celebrate Christmas with the family. After all, they don’t need all those presents. Christmas isn’t about presents; right? They shouldn’t be so materialistic.

As long as YOU get what you’ve been wanting. 

Celebrate with your loved ones while enjoying a wonderful holiday meal. You know, ham, turkey, sweet potatoes, pies, and lots of whipped cream. 

Don’t like all that stuff? Or maybe your family doesn’t fix the food you enjoy? Easy-peasy!

A merry Walmart Christmas will fix everything. 

Take the money you planned to spend on others and buy yourself a roasted chicken or something. Stop by the deli and pick out some delicious sides; like mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and coleslaw. 

Before you check out, swing by the bakery for your very own pumpkin pie (don’t forget the Cool Whip).

I’m telling you, you’ll never go back to the old way of doing Christmas again. 

Not when you’re guaranteed satisfaction with both the gifts and the meals. 

Hey, there’s always time to sing the carols, see the lights, and smooch under the mistletoe. And so what if those things are disappointing? 

Big deal!

But when it comes to the BEST part of Christmas, one can’t afford to be unhappy. After all, it’s another year, 365 long days, until the next Christmas! 

No, you’ve got to be ahead of the game. You need to plan yourself a merry Walmart Christmas now!

So what if others think you’re stingy and only care about yourself. 

They just don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas. 

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