Guest Blogger – Phyllis Grace


Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp feel to the air, the beautiful changing leaves, the fact that it isn’t so hot. I can wear a hoodie and sandals at the same time. And there’s also something in the air that I can’t describe, but it makes me happy.

I think many people enjoy this time of year, however I have been noticing how a lot of folks can’t let it go at that. If you mention the beautiful weather, they might agree, but they go on to say something like this, “Sure, it’s nice now but you know what comes next!” Yeah, I get that. I know winter follows fall and sometimes it’s cold and nasty. But, you know what? If I spend all my time dreading the winter, I miss out on enjoying fall.

Now comes the hard part. I realized that’s what I do when it comes to life in general sometimes. Instead of enjoying the place God has me right now, I begin to worry about what’s ahead and miss out on what He’s doing in the present. Not that we shouldn’t plan ahead and make wise choices to affect the future in a good way. But worry is wrong.

So, with His help, I plan to enjoy each day that He gives me, and the season of life I am in, as well as the beautiful season we are experiencing in Iowa right now.

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