A Bit Of Poetry

A Bit Of Poetry

Can I have a little fun? Would you honestly mind?

There’s a point I must make, but I won’t be unkind,

I was thinking of white skin, black skin, yellow and brown,

And all the racist remarks which are going around,

Like it really matters, the color of one’s skin,

As if that reflects the value within,

The color of the paper, or the ribbon attached

Doesn’t determine the value of the gift which is wrapped,

We’d be better off, so please give me no flack,

If we’d pretend each other’s skin is just a grocery sack.

It wouldn’t matter if we’re paper or plastic,

Or doubled, in case our load is fantastic,

Every single life matters, our value’s the same,

Let’s stop making remarks which bring others pain,

I believe it’d be great, and life so much better,

If we made sure our words brought grace to each hearer,

Thanks for allowing this word to be said,

Good night, and God bless – I’m headed to bed.


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