TSA Security Officers and Preachers 


Just recently I noticed a similarity between TSA security officers and preachers.

Maybe more than one. Yeah, more than one.

Besides the fact that both have a job to do, there’s something about TSA men and women that makes me think of preachers.

TSA folks are, at times, in your face. Why? Because they don’t like you, why else?

TSA security officers don’t have anything better to do than think of ways to make your traveling experience as bad as possible.

Yep, just like preachers.

TSA personnel are only concerned about receiving a paycheck, nothing more, nothing less.

TSA men and women stand around all day just looking to get into someone’s suitcase. Yeah, they get a real charge out of riffling through a person’s unmentionables.

And we all know how preachers can be. Preaching? It should be called meddling instead.

Yep, TSA security officers and preachers are quite a bit alike.

But maybe, you know just maybe, they’re neither one quite so awful.

Maybe they’re really just concerned.

Maybe they want you and yours to arrive at your destination in one piece.

Maybe that’s why they seem to be nitpicking when they inform you that you’re in violation of some regulation.

Maybe it’s a regulation for a reason.

I know, I’ve had those same ugly thoughts about TSA folk. Do you recognize any of these?

“Who does this guy think he is?”

“He must not know how important I am.”

“Who gave him the right to judge how I’m traveling?”

“Get out of my face, preacher; er, I mean, security officer.”

Think about it the next time you go through the security checkpoint at the airport. Maybe look at the agent in a different light.

While you’re at it, why not do the same with the preacher?

Because maybe, just maybe, they’re not trying to make you late, or uncomfortable, or prove what a worthless jerk you are.

Maybe they only want to see you arrive at the right place on time, and in one piece.

I know this preacher does.

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