How’d I miss that?



This evening I was visiting with a friend, and we settled in on the topic of spiritual deception.

Isn’t it easy to look at others and wonder, sometimes very loudly, how people could act so weird?

I mean, how could people read the same Bible we read and come up with such outlandish beliefs?

Yes, it’s easy to think those thoughts, isn’t it?

It is until I remember some of the stuff I used to believe.

I used to believe Martin Luther (of Lutheran Church fame) wrote the Gospel according to Luke. I figured Luke was his nickname.


There was a time I was convinced that all Americans were Christians, and vice versa.

Funny the things we believe.

I’ve read the Bible a number of times. Parts of it I’ve read literally hundreds of times. But I’m still learning new things.

Sometimes I read a passage and it’s like I’ve never seen it before. As if God just opened my eyes to a brand new truth.

I ask myself, “How’d I miss that?”

Of course, the truth has always been around; I just finally caught up to it.

Some people believe tithing is a way to put God “to the test”. They quote a passage from Malachi where God says, “Prove Me in this…”

But it just isn’t so. Tithing isn’t the key to unlock Heaven’s resources.

Obedience is. Go ahead, look at it again, and again if necessary.

The principle of obedience and God’s blessings are throughout the scripture.

Some love to quote the well known adage “God helps those who help themselves”, as if it’s gospel.

Sorry. It isn’t.

I’ve heard a number of well meaning saints say ever so humbly and sincerely, “God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.”

Yes, He works. No, He doesn’t tell us everything He’s doing. But just because we can’t understand or explain something, doesn’t mean God is behind it.

Others wonder why they have such a hard time making ends meet when they read the Bible every day. And they pray, too.

Yet God seems to have ignored them. So apparently it doesn’t do any good to be a Christian.

That’s what some folks believe.

And yes, there’ve been times I have wondered about my life as a Christian.

“Things aren’t fair! Others get to have thus and so. They have the best houses, most money, nicest guitar (sorry, but it’s true). It’s not fair.”

But I kept reading, seeking, asking the Lord for truth and wisdom.

And He would show me a verse that revealed the depravity in my heart. I’d see things in my life such as greed, pride, narrow mindedness, and lust. I’d recognize I was too focused on this temporal life. 

Everyone is capable of believing lies. Yes, even you and I. 

If you will listen to a guy who’s believed some nutty stuff, I’ve got a tip or two that just may help you along the uncharted path known as life.

Read God’s word as if your life depends on it. But read it like it’s brand new. Be prepared to say, “How’d I miss that?”

You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn.

I am.

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.” (Psalm 119:130 ESV)

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