Spirit Of Deception

I hate to say this, but I believe the spirit of deception is working overtime these days. 

“Yes, brother, I agree. The whole world has gone mad. Liberals, socialists, and a bunch of tattooed punks are making a real mess out of this country. Things would be better if we could get back to the good old days.”

No. That is NOT what I’m talking about.

There’s no need for the spirit of deception to spend time with people who don’t have time for God. People, whether liberal or conservative, socialist or democratic, tattooed or not, who aren’t the least bit interested in God, do not concern the devil. 


The spirit of deception is working overtime in the church.

And, I’m afraid it’s a sign of more to come.

Paul wrote: “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.” (1 Timothy 4:1 NKJV)

The spirit of deception: A misleading, traveling (roaming), imposter spirit. Seducing, finding a soft spot in a person’s life and armor. Seducing a person by feeding the unbridled desire in their life.

Whether the seduction happens through sexual lust, greed, pride, or whatever; the spirit of deception baits people with what they want and deceives them into believing God is leading them. 


Yes. I’ve seen it before, and I’m seeing it more and more often.

Men and women of God, snatched up by the spirit of deception, throwing away their families, ministry, and integrity, BELIEVING God’s word doesn’t apply to THEM; God gave THEM a different set of rules.

They’re the exception because (in their mind) they are EXCEPTIONAL. God favors them more than the rest.

Deception. Delusion.

Dangerous and deadly.

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, and the dear, sweet, little old church mom are susceptible to the spirit of deception.

That includes you and I.

So what should we do about it?

First of all, don’t be so quick to fend off a warning from a friend. Don’t live shielded from reproof.

Don’t isolate yourself from people who may not agree with you one hundred percent. In fact, there’s safety in the multitude of counselors; counselors who are in regular fellowship with God Almighty.

Stay tender to God and others. Always be quicker to judge yourself than others.

Examine your motives often. Don’t allow yourself the “luxury” of a “little” compromise, for it is the seed that will grow into full blown deception.

If a verse in the Bible is hard to understand, err on the side of caution. Do exactly what it says. Look foolish, if necessary. Better to LOOK foolish than to BE foolish.


He WON’T say in His Word to “flee immorality”, then “lead” you into an adulterous relationship.

No matter how many times the spirit of deception “confirms” the word, if it doesn’t line up with the Bible, it’s wrong!

If you’ve discovered that you’ve been caught up in deception, it’s NOT too late to break free.

It’s not hard, but it isn’t easy, because the spirit of deception doesn’t give up without a fight.

But the Spirit of Truth is stronger.

Break free by acknowledging your sin before God, and whoever else has been affected, and then remove yourself from the situation/lifestyle.

It’s called humbling yourself before God.

Return to the biblical wisdom you once shunned, allowing other people access to your life: your thoughts, desires, and actions.

But most of all, drop the “I’ve got things together better than anyone else” kind of attitude, for your exclusive thinking is what opened the door for the spirit of deception in the first place.

If you’re trapped, it’s time to break free. If you’re not, then continue to humbly live free.

In Jesus’ Name.

2 responses to “Spirit Of Deception”

    • Kenny, Did you read the whole article? If so, you surely would have understood that I was NOT speaking ill of tattoos or even piercings.

      I’m glad you have a big church. But regardless of the size of our ministry, we must be on guard against the spirit of deception, because it can be so easy to be manipulated by such things as pride and prejudices.

      Please read past the first couple paragraphs and see if there may be a word that speaks to you.

      Thank you for commenting.


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