An Emotional Safety Harness

Emotions run wild at times, don’t they? That is, unless you have some kind of safety harness on your emotions. 

Out of control emotions, regardless of the reason, can do much damage to a relationship. 

So what can a couple use for their “safety harness”? 

3 things.

1. Trust – affirm your love to each other often, and in many different ways. So when an “emotional” day hits, you can be ready to support each other rather than fight like cats and dogs.

2. Talk – communicate your feelings, anxieties, and worries. Help one another by providing a “safe” place for the distraught one to vent, share, cry, or even just unwind without any demands on their time or energy.

3. Tendernessa soft answer turns away anger (Proverbs 15:1). Tenderness can soothe out of control emotions. Stay clear of shouting matches; they will only add to the chaos. Remind yourself often not to jump to any conclusion about what might be wrong. Instead, tenderly and actively listen to not only your loved one’s word, but their heart. 

Emotions are a part of life. Be wise: prepare for them. 

An emotional safety harness just may save your marriage.

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