Moms are Special


Today is Mother’s Day. I must tell you up front that I’ve never known a perfect mom.

No, I’m not knocking anyone’s mother; yours, mine, or ours.

Eve, mankind’s first mom, wasn’t perfect. But she was special.

Mary, the woman who carried the Son of God in her womb, and along with her husband Joseph helped raise Jesus as He increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man; well, she wasn’t perfect either.

However, she was special.

I’ll say it again; mothers don’t have to be perfect to be special, because all moms are special.

And special doesn’t mean perfect.

Good. I’ve gotten that off my chest. Now I can go on with what I REALLY wanted to share.

Why do we make such a big deal on Mother’s Day? Why all the fuss? 364 days out of the year, it’s all business-as-usual. But when the second Sunday of May rolls around, all of a sudden flowers are purchased, restaurants fill up, and preachers scramble for that perfect message about God’s special emissaries; mothers.

Maybe Mother’s Day is really a vast right-wing conspiracy, an Illuminati operation, or a Black Sunday, put-us-over-the-top money maker for Hallmark.

I’m sure you have seen at least one Facebook post that reads something like this: “On the eighth day God created mothers.”

If all this annual fuss should be made about our mothers, what’s wrong with doing something all year long? If not, why the hypocrisy?

And what about mothers-in-laws? Careful, guys; don’t mumble too loud.

But really! Some mothers-in-law are just like a flesh and blood mom.

I know. I’ve got a mom in Heaven (some refer to her as my mother-in-law).

Perfect? No, not even close. Special? You’d better believe it.

Okay, so back to my original subject matter; mothers. What makes a mother special?

What makes the one you call mom special?

To me? A special mom ACTS like a mom. 

One who cares for me, loving me unconditionally. Who takes the time to really understand my needs, to understand God’s design for my life, and seeks to train me up in the way I should go.

Something more than potty training, or teaching me how to wash the dishes.

A mother, in my book, is a nurturer, a giver, and a protector (it’s not just the father’s job, folks).

A mom will celebrate the achievements of her children, and will love her child’s family. She will understand the natural, God-given journey her child must take in order to grow, develop independence, and some day, as God directs, find a mate to cleave to.

And leave the House of Mom.

God has placed inside of every woman the capacity to be special; to be a mom. Maybe they can’t physically bear children, but they can, with God’s help, be special to someone. 

And that’s something worth celebrating year round.

Just one more thing… I’ve watched my wife over the last 36 plus years be a mom to our son (and a mother-in-law for the last 10). Has she been a perfect mom? No.

But she’s been a mom. A real mom. 

And to me, that’s special. 

So, happy Mother’s Day, all of you special ladies.

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