Men, Be Men


Recently I spoke to a group of men about secrecy and shame. I told them of my long time addiction to pornography, and its effects on my life, marriage, and ministry. 

And I spoke about freedom.

While I was excited to have such an opportunity to speak, I was wishing I was sitting there listening to someone else tell THEIR story.

I later told some people, “If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now.”

My message was clear and to the point. God created us for something greater than hiding in the shadows; hiding in shame. He’s put a lot more into us than we seem to want to utilize. 

The word for that day was, “Don’t hide with the devil.” That’s a good word for men today, don’t you think? I mean, stand up and face God, regardless of what you’ve done or didn’t do. The quickest way to get forgiveness AND victory over sin is to step out of the shadows, get out of the bushes, and humbly approach the Lord in the Name of Jesus.

Yes, it’s a good word for today. 

But an even better word is, “Men, BE MEN!”

God created men to be strong and courageous. To provide and protect. He gave man the ability to love and live in community and communion. 

With others, and with God. 

The devil wants men to think all of that was lost when Adam didn’t stand up for what was right. True, Adam did yield his rights, privileges, AND dignity to the devil. 

But Jesus got it back!

NOW the word of God says, “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13 ESV)

Yes, His word for us is, “Men, BE MEN!”

Have nothing to do with things that steal, kill, and destroy. Move away from a life of secrecy and shame. God has a life of victory, dominion over darkness, and joy prepared for you. 

And it won’t be found in the shadows, hiding with the devil.

Flee youthful lusts, but pursue righteousness and a life empowered by the Holy Spirit. It’s what God purchased for you, through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Be a man! A man who is submitted to God. A man who can say, “Get behind me, Satan!” A man who can tenderly love his wife and children, leading them by example into a life with God. 

A man who will guard his heart diligently; lest he lose his testimony with his loved ones, or his ear for the Spirit’s voice.

Be a man!

If you are involved in anything that the Lord wouldn’t be pleased with, DROP IT!

If you aren’t sure, talk with your pastor. 

Men, BE MEN! 

There’s no time left to be anything but what Christ Jesus wants you to be. 

So do it. Get out of the shadows. Get in front of God. Ask Him to fill you with the power to be A MAN!

A man of God.

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