God is more!

God is more than the beauty I behold, the things I comprehend, and the wisdom I call my own.

God is more than the expanding universe, the ocean depths, and the sun’s incredible warmth.

God is more than my imagination, my deepest frustration, or the pain in my soul.

God is more than the box I build for Him, the words I write about Him, or the song I sing to Him.

God is more. Not more or less. 


Add up the value of all the great deeds ever done, and God’s righteousness is more.

Combine the brightness of every star to have graced the heavens with light; God’s light is brighter. 

Incomparably brighter. 

God does more, sees more, knows more, and is more. Even the sum of man’s wisdom is simple foolishness to God.

His ways are past finding out. His riches are unsearchable. His faithfulness reaches to a thousand generations…

and more.

God is more. More than an explanation, an understanding, a measurement. 

Yet He did something two thousand years ago that gave us a way to measure the depth of His love. 

He sent His Son, gave up His Son, bruised and loaded His Son with our sin, sickness, rebellion, and death; all the wages of sin He bore in order to reveal His “more”. 

Jesus is God’s “more”.


More than my sin, my unfaithfulness, my infidelity.


More than my failure, my lack of effort, and my small thinking.

More than I could possibly ever need.

Jesus. God’s “more”. The Father’s “more”.

All I’ll ever need.

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